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I liked all of it

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waffles or tacos

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@NuclearWinter:  Fuck me i didn't know there was an accessories section plz move it there where it belongs actually come to think of it i think the platforms and accessories categories should be simply combined together and renamed "Hardware", just a thought
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@gakon5: I never said i was good at persona 4... those are just the three characters i liked i just filled in the gaps with my personas
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Yukiko, Chie, and Teddie

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ODST and MW2 are the only two xbox games i have a particualr interest in... i think i'm going to buy a PS3 though

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i started high school

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@PapaLazarou: ok... SO THE FUK WHAT. who gives a shit you and every other mutha fuka with a laptop and a decent internet connection, and don't try to justify your own stupid shit and blame developers for making bad games YOUR pirating therefore the piracy YOU commit is YOUR FUCKING FAULT. Firstly the industry is not suffering that fuckin much, they only care just enough to set an example, they aren't going broke over faggot internet priks with fukin pirate bay accounts, secondly again piracy is in NO WAY the developers fault it's the pirates own fucking fault, no matter how good a game is there will always be some prick waiting to steal it instead of buying it (usually with some self righteous shit about the game developers being overpaid execs no one should care but they do it's sad), end of story.

now if you want the issue to get resolved the CORRECT LAWFUL WAY, all you do is buy from valve and blizzard because you obviously like what they're doing so vote with your wallet. pay the good companies and DON'T steal from the shitty ones so they won't have an excuse to just abandon the PC gaming side altogether preaching about how piracy has killed the market
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no the specific types of game controllers are objects the page covers the concept of an input device used to control games, just like goblins as a whole are a concept but specific characters who hape to be goblins are characters