Does your wife (or significant other) mess w/ you while you game?

Hey Guys,

So, Im a married man of 11 years, and you'd think after all these years she'd figure out to now mess with me when Im gaming.. lol. Nope. Case and point, yesterday.

During a casual Sunday afternoon, I figured i'd squeeze in a couple of fights of Street Fighter , before firing up a movie and my wife finished eating lunch. Now I typically wouldnt do this, because I usually like to game:

  • Uninterrupted
  • At night after everyone goes to bed
  • without my kids around as I dont like playing violent games around my kids (stuff like gears or COD)

In anycase, Here I am like round 3 of 5 / fighting random ranked matches in street fighter (I enjoy this because its easy in and easy out). Suddenly she decides to jokingly walk across the room and totally COCK BLOCK the TV, impairing my ability to kick ass, and basically giving a free pass to my opponent. As if that wasn't enough, she then decides to unplug my fightpad again, mid match.

Now, Im a pretty patient guy, but when it comes to gaming, I tend to get really pissed if Im not provided with a semi-fair opportunity to WIN. Like, I absolutely HATE when someone is trying to have a conversation with me while Im playing any type of game that requires precision.. (such as: well timed key inputs in SF.)

This pretty much just reinforces the fact that I should really just stick to gaming during the evening hours, and not have to deal with this frustration.. lol.

Perhaps Its stupid for me to have this mind set, but as a guy who uses gaming as a means to get away from "real life, and responsibility" (as do alot of other peeps), its important for me to NOT brought back into real life while Im having my game sessions.

Obviously, I know she was joking, and I just turned it off in frustration, and handled it like a MAN.. lol. I love my wife to death, and i know shes totally just trolling me intentionally.  In anycase, I figured i'd blog this simply because I know I cant be the only dude who's lived this experience in one form or another.

Thanks for reading duders.

35 Comments being a responsible adult and avid gamer sucks balls....

Ive been gaming since I was ... oh I dont know 5...  Way back during the awful Atari days..  Hell , even my parents owned a Coleco Vision, though at the time I had absolutely no idea what the hell it was, nor how iconic it would become. 
Fastforward to today, I bought a house about a month ago or so, and while its an awesome feeling.. I hate not being able to by all of the amazing games that have come out this year...  
Games like Assassins Creed Brotherhood, or NFW: Hot Pursuit, Super Meat Boy, Pacman CE DX,  CIV V, SC II, just to name a few. Its not always the easiest thing in the world for me to just go out there and spend all sorts of money on games, after all I've got a wife, and kids and obviously bills , which is where pretty much all of my money goes.  Disposable income these days is hard to come buy, and I end up just getting games that a large portion of my friends are playing i.e. BLOPS, or the game that just keeps on giving.. SSFIV.    
I guess in the end, its kind of like that classic Toys R Us song..  

I guess I'll just have to accept the fact that it is what it is...   Until I end up getting a job making boat loads of money... (whenever that is) 
Until then, i guess I'll have to just continue to get purchases with great value, and re playability.. 
Have a safe and happy new year everyone...