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I was in a history class and we were shown a documentary on Galileo. And suddenly church choir music started playing, took a second till i realized it was the theme to Medieval II Total War

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The Road.

I'd say Children of Men as well. Both are just really well made movies.

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Im sorry. A group that was connected to the recent cyber bullying events donating to anti-bullying charities is somehing only click bait sites would report on. There is no conspiracy, no one really wants to talk to/about the people who identify with GamerGate no more.

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I don't look forward to more sequels, but I would love to see this game remind the whole industry that Game Mechanics >>> Call of Duty Scripted Set-Pieces. It'd be cool if there's a nemesis system in say, the next Sleeping Dogs.

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Umm I can log on right now mate and see AI running around in circles not knowing where to go when they are being assaulted from multiple angles, and the pathfinding in sieges is still broken so they are really frustrating, the unit balance is all over the place with spear infantry charging down and killing sword infantry and there are many more I cannot think of off the top of my head.

And that turned you off from the Total War franchise? Rome 1 had buggy sieges, urban cohorts absolutely dominates multiplayer... definitely not to the extent of Rome II at launch, but those were things that were never fixed. Medieval II's cavalry is unresponsive and was never fixed. Game replays since Medieval II never represented the battles that you played correctly either. I would say Creative Assembly fall from grace started long before Rome II, more like after Medieval II, when they started introducing unit packs and piecemeal dlcs.

The whole point of the rant was they released the game in such a broken state that this is to little and far to late for most people.

This argument I could get behind. It was broken and the gameplay is bad at launch, and long enough to turn away most fans of the franchise.

If you paid for the Collectors Edition on Launch you would feel very differently but evidently you scooped it up on a steam sale so you have little attachment to what you spent your money on.

... but this is enough for me to want to disengage from the conversation you started. I'm not here to argue and make assumptions. I'm not even sure you read the two replies I wrote.

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@themangalist: "a lot of people here just seemed misinformed about the whole thing." What exactly is there to be misinformed about?

The contents of this patch. OP made it sound like it's a bug fix when it's more than that. Fact is the bugs were mostly fixed long time ago. This is a huge content patch meant to "fix" the gameplay of Rome 2. Many people here sound like "oh I heard from a friend it sucks" and "I've never played this new one, but I heard from the internet it sucks", the launch did suck, which is true, and so does the game; but to say it's still as buggy and the fuck "offering to fix the bugs for free!" angle OP is holding is misinformed. The game is much more stable now, and what is left is that the gameplay is oversimplified and boring. That's why CA cooked this up to balance all units, prolong battles, and overhaul the civil war event in the campaign, in attempt to fix the gameplay side of things.

Look, when the game was released it took MINUTES to end a turn. That was fixed in the first two patches I believe. This is the type of thing that if CA used the term free-lc to refer to the patches to fix their broken ass game, I would rant about. But this isn't it.

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YISSS This is too cool.

Good luck in the comic industry. It's something I wanted to go for for many years but I have no idea how to begin, so good on you making a leap!

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@einhert: Free-lc is a name, same with how game demos are somehow called alphas. It's marketing for good publicity, especially needed after the disastrous launch of Rome 2.

It's not simply a patch.They fixed the game's stability months after launch already. Have you read the patch notes? Even after the bug fixing patches the base game was still over simplified, but this big patch is balancing almost all units, and revamping how the campaign civil war works entirely, so no more cheesing your way through. These are big game changers for the players if you ask me.

Plus, they should give you all the dlc for free to apologize? What kind of argument is that? They've been doing piecemeal dlc since shogun 2 (or is it empire?), heck a lot of games do that nowadays, only thing I can say is that I too miss the times when expansions were a thing.

I don't speak for CA, and Rome 2 is certainty the most disappointing game for me in a while, but a lot of people here just seemed misinformed about the whole thing.