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GIANTBOMB.COM, circa 2056

I don't think they should hire to meet a quota or to diversify for the sake of diversifying.

Basically this and what the OP said. I'm a dude on a couch who enjoy gags spout out by dudes on couches. We are the target audience for them.

People always say Giantbomb is a personality-based website, but to me what's more important is that it is a SMALL personality-based website. Everyone knows each other, that's why it works.

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@nixx: aww sucks to hear. I play on a laptop with a geforce 330m card and i got at least 25 frames all the time, on lowest settings. I guess ill have to burn in hell.

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@winsord: @cale: I guess the joke went over your heads/sucked. I was just kidding because the Steam sale just ended. Usually I'll have heard of a good handful of them but I have just barely heard of one of these.

well... if it's a joke, it's not a very good one.

Btw, Gothic is a great RPG franchise. Gothic 2 is definitely up there my "favourite RPGs of all time" list. The atmosphere is fantastic, it's one of the few open-world games that manages to make you feel trapped in a desolate landscape. I think in certain aspects Gothic 1 and 2 are better than Elder Scrolls by leaps and bounds. Give them a chance.

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@nixx: In State of Decay, the characters are blank-slate and the story is pretty paper-thin (there are a few story missions yes). It's where imagination/immersion takes precedence. I guess in a way, that's like DayZ and that genre. And DayZ really isn't about survival from zombies anyways, it's a huge pvp arena where funny/stupid human interactions happen. If you are looking for a zombie survival game, I really don't think DayZ is it. Again, really depends on what you're looking for.

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@nixx said:

ah so its kinda like dead island, except good.. i mean, actually open ended survival and not deceivingly linear?

if thats the case, considering im riding on crappy internet right now anyways, that just might be the place for me to start. ill definitely look into it :)

Yes. It's amazing. It's Dark Souls in a way that when a survivor dies, the game saves instantly and overwrites your older save. There's no turning back, no reloading a save. I'll see if i can find my impressions of it later.

EDIT: This was written a while back:

...but Maya came very very close to dying.

Maya was my main after Marcus, I alternate between the two. Maya was a tough girl so when Lily asked the party to go back to the starter area for the momento, she went alone.

Big fucking mistake.

It was alright in the beginning until she realized the zombies would keep coming, the "clear this zone" area is way too big. Special infected kept swarming in. This was the first moment she felt like she could actually die. She climbed up the water tower and waited there until the sun set and that the crowd dispersed, and finally confident enough to jump back down, outrun the zombies, and head home.

I can't think of a moment that was this tense in a while. I was thinking to myself "fuck fuck fuck fuck" the whole time crouched on the tower. After that time, I couldn't play Maya like before, I was doing really sloppily sometimes too, fleeing in times when I used to feel like she could handle it. That experience scarred her and I for good.

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@karkarov said:


That's a little harsh. I agree the game is in too early a state to be worth investing in, but the guy has been super transparent and seems committed to getting the game to a complete state. The most recent update was June 18th, not exactly a dormant project.

I think he means buy Nether.

Just kidding. I agree with most others here, DayZ is a cool concept on the wrong engine, and games built from the groundup for the purpose of being DayZ should be better. That said, I have never heard of DeadZ Reborn.

EDIT: Alright after some Googling I suggest you DON'T buy DeadZ Reborn. No wonder I've never heard of it, it's basically Infestation: Survivor Stories, from what I've read, DeadZ was done on source code stolen from that game. And if you didn't know, Infestation: Survivor Stories is WarZ rebranded. And if you didn't know, WarZ is horrible. Check this out. WarZ was so controversial at the time for being a cheaters' heaven, a scam, and most importantly, an absolute SHIT game. I would not touch anything remotely related to that game. So here you go, if you must choose between the two, get DayZ. DayZ at least has a proper player base.

@nixx said:

ive never heard of state of decay though, any decent points i should know about it? :)

State of Decay is single-player only, but one of the best zombie survival games out there. You're dumped in a country side with three towns, and you'll need to settle in a base and go scavenging, or try to make your base self-sufficient. You'd find other npc survivors out there with special skills that'd keep you alive for longer. Nothing more tense than scavenging at night alone in a house when you realize that you made too much noise and the zombie horde next door chases you down.

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I was playing the Mall level and we were ready to go until some douche decided to not jump into the helicopter and watch us all gunned down. I hate that you don't get any exp if you fail a mission... would love to play with duders who want to communicate.

Sucks my alias of SpaceHobo is taken by someone else for the steamid :(

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@themangalist: Yup, he's still at Gamespot from those days. Justin Calvert and Ryan McDonald are still there as well. Would love to see any of those veterans show up on GB content. In fact, I'm super surprised that they haven't shown since the CBSi acquisition.

Edit - I actually really enjoyed seeing Chris Watters host that one episode of the GB+GS Wednesday live show alongside Ryan. I've always enjoyed Chris Watters on the Gamespot stuff that I've watched.

I stuck around for a while at Gamespot when Jeff and the majority of the old favourites left. I loved the Hotspot with Brian Sinclair, Kevin V, Chris Watters, Shaun McInnis, and Tom McShea. It was reasonable length and everyone seemed to have a good time (I even sent an email that got read once). That was before I found the appeal of the Bombcast, which back then I thought was too long with the occasional funny moment, even those highs were epically high.

Anyways, I really don't think the two crews mix. McShea was always very vocal about certain subjects, and that collab with Ryan Davis was painful to watch (when Ryan switches on his jerk mode you really know he means business). I remember watching McInnis do something with the bomb crew, and he just isn't himself (with all the dumb dumb puns and jokes... he's basically the Vinny of the post-Jeff Gamespot). And oh god Professional Wednesdays. I can't even count the amount of awkward moments between the two supposed hosts Ryan and Chris Watters. Chris was just constantly shoved around. Kevin VanOrd is the only one who's a cool cat when hanging out with the bomb crew, but most likely because he's a gentleman (was it violin or cello? I can't remember, just saying he's a classy man), and he mostly talks about video games he's passionate about.

Danny just popped out of nowhere and he's an awesome dude. I'm fine watching him and the bomb crew, but other Gamespot crew members just don't mix with the GB crew.

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Kevin V is the man. Wasnt he one of the few who were at gamespot when the kane and lynch controversy happened, and still working at gamespot?

As much as i like the whacky ness of McInnis i just dont see the chemistry.

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Favourite part of Bad Company 2 is that by the end of the match you're fighting in a fucking wasteland. It's awesome.

@seppli said:

Bad Company 2. Especially the Vietnam expansion.

Anyone still play the expansion? Last time I played (probably a year ago) the most populated server was with 10 people.