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I think it'll be Mordor. Pretty sure that's the easiest and most solid game everyone can agree on.

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I've been seeing this issue as well. Seems to happen sporadically, sometimes I am able to download videos in a reasonable time, other times it tells me it'll take 10 to 20 hours. I hope this doesn't remain an issue through the all important GOTY week but with the amount of work time before then... I have my doubts.

The Top Men should fix this.

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@jamin724: You said you were waiting for new Zelda to be on Wii U. There is a Zelda on Wii U you haven't played. For you it'll be as good as new. Either go pick up the inferior Gamecube version and play it on your Wii (not recommended because the Wii U version takes out a lot of the monotonous parts and makes it a way better game) or buy a Wii U for a Zelda game that you've never played.

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@jamin724: Have you played Wind Waker? Since you haven't listed your Wii/Gamecube library I don't know. If not there's already a Zelda on Wii U you haven't played and it's a pretty solid one.

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Go buy a Wii U and some SNES VC Games. I'd suggest Donkey Kong Country 2 but it's currently not out in NA because Nintendo pulled for no apparent reason from the Wii VC 2 years ago or so. It, and DKC1 and 3, have been released on Wii U VC in Europe and Japan however if you're in either of those regions.

Edit: Oh right, you have a Wii. Was thrown off by it not being in the spreadsheet. You can't get DKC1-3 on Wii because they pulled it for no reason 2 years ago. It'll only be released on Wii U like Earthbound, another fantastic game you should pick up. So go get a Wii U. You can buy Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Mario 3D Land, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8, Smash and Wind Waker with it. Fantastic catalog!

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This is my #3 pick but only because Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze hits me in all the right ways (it's sort of perfect) and I've gone deep into Hearthstone. Mordor in any other year would've been #1 pretty handily I think because it does something new and exciting while at the same time being super tight in other respects.

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@csl316: I'd say that with DKCTF it's like the old ones. The soundtrack is a huge part of it but so is a lot of other things in that game. It has just a lot of outstanding parts.

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I really liked Sonic Adventure 2 even though it's janky as hell. I thought 1 was okay. I thought heroes was kind of bad but acceptable. Shadow the Hedgehog was terrible. Anything after that point I didn't play but didn't want to play. I voted for Post Heroes?