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@dussck: They're stretch goals. At a point they're arbitrary bonuses on top of the simple "We can hire more people to get this thing out."

@icaria: Don't be crazy, it wasn't any one company that killed the 2D Platformer, it was the advent of 3D gaming.

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@icaria: Because it had personality and it had flavor. It was goofy, snippy and funny. It had lovable characters that were fleshed out and a world that was full to bursting with detail. Compare Freezeezy Peak to any world in Mario 64. Mario 64's got two snow levels, one where it's a mountain with a shed and another with a snowman. Freezeezy Peaks' a holiday wonderland. It's got giant presents, homicidal snowmen, a deadbeat dad who's not gotten his children gifts (literally the plot to Jingle All The Way), a xenophobic walrus, being a walrus, cozy cottages, freezing water with talking icicles in it, sled racing, a giant snowman with a scarf, broom and pipe, and a Christmas Tree you put christmas lights on.

Plus there's details beyond the world in front of you. The worlds Rare created lived and breathed. In Tooie when the Jinjo Village was torn asunder the King's biggest concern was for the Moles vs Jinjos Soccer Match that was only a week away. Klungo wandered off in disgrace at the end of Tooie, said he'd try his hand at Video Games. By Nuts and Bolts he's doing it! Bumper went to jail during the mid 00s, the Kong family lineage has hell of subtext (Cranky is DK's grandfather but raised him as a son), Banjo and Kazooie put on a lot of weight during the mid 00s, etcetera!

Plus they looked great, played great and had great music. They were all around solid games. That part also helps a lot.

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Once they get a 3rd person yeah.

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I wonder what the new stretch goals will be after it hits a million pounds. I'm hoping for some sort of Dev show stream or podcast.

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They hit a million dollars 5 hours in.

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I'm super excited, it looks rad and everything they've said has sounded spot on. They're really doing it properly. Love the characters, love the roll move (Like DKCR/TF in 3D!) love the potential.

I popped down 150 dollarsish. Woo!

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Quick thing about Banjo: Rare (or another Microsoft Studio) could still be making a Banjo-Threeie and, I'd imagine, it'd be very different from what we're getting here. Mechanically speaking B-K and Y-L have already diverged just through the basics we've seen these last two days. To go fast B-K sacrifices their attacks in favor of fast movement. It appears Y-L instead do an extended roll DKCR style that can kill enemies while also being very fast. Additionally there's the world expansion element that might not fit neatly into a Banjo. Also Yooka's tongue and Laylee's echo abilities.

Make no mistake, while its in the style of Banjo-Kazooie Yooka-Laylee has the benefit of a clean slate.

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They are the Banjo team. They can't rip off themselves. Don't be silly.

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Yeah at this rate could hit a million pounds today right? That's their final stretch goal of "release on all platforms day one". Probably should add more then.

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Annnnnd they're funded. It's all stretch goals from here.

I pledged around 150 dollars.