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@hunter5024: Unless they're totally remade like the XBLA Banjo rereleases. In those versions they redid the camera entirely and made it control like you'd expect. Also they uprezzed it in those versions.

I found that for DK64 the biggest problem with control mapping is that you can accidentally hit up on the right stick like that. I suggest the following control scheme.

RZ is Z.
LZ is R.
B is A.
Y is B.

X is C Up
A is C Down
L is C Right
R is C Left
Minus is also C Left

X makes most sense for C Up because XBLA BK did it that way. A for down follows then. Next the shoulders go to left/right but I reverse them because the camera is inversed. Plus RZ+L is more comfortable for grenades. Finally Minus being C Left makes pulling a gun (RZ + Minus) an easy combo.

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DK64 probably needed another... 6 months to a year of development? It has massive draw distance issues, handling issues (compared to the very tight Banjo games DK is noticeably loose) and its attempt to have 25 Golden Bananas per level backfired on it hugely when they had to duplicate a lot of content 5 times or more to make enough content to fill 5 Golden Bananas for each of the 5 Characters. Plus the infamous bug that caused crashes without the Memory Pack. It's literally the only reason the game requires the memory pack.

These are things I didn't notice in 1999 when it was just super exciting to have a new DK game to play but in retrospect it's become increasingly clear. Especially now that I understand that NPC Houses becoming an icon when more than 20 feet away wasn't just a charming quirk but in fact a consequence of huge draw distance issues. Especially now that I understand it shouldn't be hard to walk across a plank. Especially now that I understand that every character having more or less the same moves was probably not the intent.

Aw well. I think it's good to have for historical context at least. And if you're able to look past all its problems and try to just enjoy it. And it's good to know Nintendo's making deals with Rare/Microsoft. Maybe we'll have other Rare VC games down the line. Also I still think that, despite being rushed and showing it, DK64 is still a huge get for Wii U VC.

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I'm joining Special Forces because that's Dan's group.

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@overnow: Hmm. Yes, suppose that might be because that guy was once a clone like is said during the clone bit and had a bit of an identity crisis or something as he became his own being?

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So that ending. At least in the fairly good percent/100% versions Trace is returned to Earth after the laser lab goes down and devotes himself to figuring out what's what. In high percent and 100% there's also an addition where after the credits the main bad dude (future you) shows up and tells you that it's no use fighting yourself and that it's time to wake up. Then he shoots you. I'm wondering based on the green things if I don't get to see what that means because I died a bunch and took 27 hours to get to that point. Additionally I'm wondering what else I haven't seen because I can't find ANYONE ELSE talking spoilers about the ending on the internet.

So then, what's up with the world? What do you think it's hinting at? Did anyone do a really fast run, a low percent or a hard run to see what differences that makes to the ending?

At first I thought this all some manner of dying or post death dream. Like, as some of the notes explain, he'd died in so many worlds that the only ones left were so inconceivable they had become twisted and grotesque due to the amount of crazy stuff that needed to happen for this one conscious mind to remain active in some form of reality. Additionally, as the titular axiom note say, conciousness in a sub-algorythm that describes the algorithm as a whole. For those within an algorithm it is reality. That said as the game went on it seemed to back away from that. The robot ladies began getting further fleshed out, as did the history of the world. They started establishing that yes, this is a real place with history. Additionally the later areas tended to be more in the way of nature and rocks than pulsing meat. Maybe then what they said was right I figured. Maybe this is like Science Fiction House of Cards and there's a meaty political thriller at the core of this. Future Tracer committed genocide and started taking apart the huge robots from the safety of the breach. The robots really wanted to kick his ass but were being beaten. The only thing they could manage to get down was killing the one allied with him. There's stuff about the heyday of the world and stuff about the decline of it but that's all in the past. Not clear on all those details yet...

The after credits thing though DEFINITELY seems to indicate that my first impressions have more credence than before and this is some manner of dream perhaps driven by multiverse type stuff. Perhaps it is real and there's many of both. Or perhaps it's all a dream and multiple yous showing up is supposed to clue him into reality not being real. Perhaps if it's the multiverse thing killing one makes the other more complete since there's not two people who are supposed to be the same person. Or something. The fleshy stuff in the last chapter sure supports that "It's a dying dream or something" theory... But I dunno.

Why am I apparently the first person to start discussing this? Let's discuss this! It's nuts! What did you think was going on?

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There's also phrases to decode the languages you find in some of the notes in the game.

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Donkey Kong 64 on VC! Holy shit, I KNEW that was going to be their Earthbound-esque pick up for N64. I mean yeah, if they could get any other Rare N64 games (Diddy Kong Racing, Goldeneye, Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie, Conker, etc) they'd be bigger Wii U VC exclusives than DK64 but since they're not really feasible DK64 is the best one you can get!

I will totally buy Donkey Kong 64 again. Also I'll upgrade the previous VC N64 games I got.

(Sidenote: Though I haven't played Smash since 2014 I'm excited for Lucas. Loved how he played in Brawl. Also I plan to tell Sakurai to put K. Rool or Dixie in Smash.)

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Life is Strange. Definitely. Wait, does Heroes of the Storm count? I started playing it late December... But it went beta this year and will likely come out this year. If that counts it's probably actually that.

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I think the core problem with the sister sites were they didn't draw their own audiences- they just inherited a subset of the Giant Bomb audience. You gotta imagine it's not good business to spend loads of money hiring new people to cover new things only to advertise to the people were already advertise to.

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Thought it was weird within the context of the game to have a sequence you can fail and not immediately undo. Feels like it goes against the spirit of the game when I have to reload a save to stop her properly because I didn't remember her family members. Feels like something I should just Social Engineer out of her like elsewhere in the game. Also the 2 endings have such entirely different feels and messages. One Max learns she doesn't need her powers to be the hero and the other learns her powers aren't enough to save everyone. Completely different lessons! I'd rather have had the ability to rewind during that sequence but hey, maybe that would be too confusing if it wasn't possible for you to save her due to earlier choices. I don't know.

Enjoyed it.