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@rongalaxy: I agree, it looked great, but I assumed there was some control of directions because it looked so much like the original. There are definitely cases in the original where you needed to either jump up a single wall or fall straight down or wait out some cycle. Don't get me wrong, it looks good, but it's not a revelation. I think it's pretty cool how they apparently have pretty good fall cancel/diving tech to make it feel better. Still though it's not proper platforming. That is still unheard of on iOS.

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Oh, it's an autorunner? Oh okay then. For a while there I thought they'd cracked the key to putting a good regular platformer on iOS. I don't know how to feel about them not doing that. I guess I'm let down because I would really like to play a regular platformer on iOS?

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This ran like shit on 360 so it'll be rad to see it run at full speed.

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I wish the XL's buttons were colored like the default is.

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I feel like this is them being self aware that none of the casual crowd came over from the Wii and are embracing the fact that now they need to sell to the audience they have. Good on them.

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There's a mistake in the article, Nintendo has included characters from non Mario games before, namely Funky Kong as well as most every DK franchise cameo character. Oh, also the Mii.

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Where's Diddy? Have they added Diddy yet?

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Video of the leak. Well fuck. (Link because I'm on my phone)

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That Rag interaction is unintended according to Ben Brode. It'll be fixed soon.

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@spaceinsomniac: They were told by the Department of Justice to not release that video because it was irrelevant. Additionally if they were simply complying with requests for information why has there been no autopsy of the murder victim, no statement or account from the murderer and no attempt to interview witnesses?

There is a reason now the Department of Justice is going to do their own autopsy of the boy. The reason is that the police are not treating this murder as a murder, nor are they trying to find the murderer who fled the state. This has never been a murder case to the police. And make no mistake, this is a murder case.

Additionally it's really gross how they've established martial law in order to combat peaceful protesters. That's illegal as fuck.