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Just wanted to say I've just finished overhauling the wiki page for Heroes of the Storm because it was completely out of date. Embarrassingly so. I was shocked honestly! I probably shouldn't have been because this happened last year as well. This page has a history with being out of date and it was only briefly up to the times since I came in and rewrote it then to talk about talents, mounting, battlegrounds and everything else that had come with its reintroduction at Blizzcon 2013. When I came back to the page most of what I had written before the alpha started (and I didn't get in and stopped caring until I was invited over half a dozen months later) was still there. Most of it was woefully outdated and was still true was very sparse due to not knowing much before it launched. I hope no one looked to the wiki page for information, they'd have read that Thrall was a Support as it was what we heard years ago before Blizzard realized he should be an Assassin and redid him.

So then I've overhauled it, added a section for heroes, written a little bit about each hero, added lots of pretty pictures, wrote a bit about modes, rearranged the gameplay bits, tried to remove as much future tense as I could (a lot of the page talked as if Heroes was not playable yet) and generally did as much as I could to inform someone coming to the page for the first time. There's more that could be done. I didn't really touch on skins and I left the Battleground section mostly as is since it didn't talk about every map in the first place and that's probably fine. Also I made sure to make sure when context is key to include the phrase "at the start of the beta" or "at time of writing" in case no one ever updates this page again and Thrall is listed as the newest hero forever people can know the information is old.

If you're in the beta and you maintain wiki pages it'd be nice if you kept this one on your radar. Let's not have it be a year out of date next year as well.

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Sounds right. I just ordered a Micro SD off Amazon. Should be a simple matter of copying the contents to my computer then copying them to the new micro SD. I'm a little concerned about screwdrivers. Will need to check to be sure I got one up to the task.

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Is this Frog Fractions 2?

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1997 when I got my third game Donkey Kong Country 2.

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@bisonhero: Let's be fair here, they don't have a good deal of great N64 games solely because they sold Rare. The Banjos, the Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing, DK64* and Conker will never grace the Wii U. But still hey, give me Paper Mario, Kirby 64, Yoshi Story, Majora's Mask, Mario Tennis, Mario Party 3, F-Zero and Yoshi's Story and I'll be happy. That's all the Nintendo 64 games I need. I got the XBLA version of Banjo.

*DK64 could come out if they removed Jetpac

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@bisonhero: Well if that's the case somehow I bought like half of them! I still want them.

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Damn it, the Wii isn't the N64 either. What, are they going to add every console to Virtual Console before they get to N64? Crazy!

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I've come to talk with you again. Because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping and the vision that was planted in my brain still remains within the sound... of silence.

Fantastic stuff. Shame we couldn't find the bridge! Next year you should do an incentive for Bridge%.

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That Arkham City run was pretty great. Super glad it won. I've saw the Asylum run from AGDQ 2014, it was super dull. This was the opposite!

I also caught a little Yoshi before City started. I gotta say I feel that race makes a good argument for Yoshi being a high 3/5. Just in the last 3rd of the run I caught auto scrollers galore. And the worst sort of auto scroller too where it's like you're in a sinister slow moving bubble and you just have to waste time until the exit appears. Ugh. Even the final level had one! Hell, it apparently had an optional one you could get AND a mandatory one. Such awful design, hate those. It's also the biggest problem with the otherwise top notch Super Mario World.

Gonna watch the Awful Games Done Quick now.

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I hope Arkham City wins its bid war. The Arkham Asylum run was so dull last year and the City run sounds hilarious! But Asylum has a lead... Few hours until that pans out. I do not watch it if it's asylum.