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Pitch the game you wish Kojima would make! I'll start, I have two ideas.

The first is called Single Action Army (with permission from Colt?) and it about an ace Bank Robber who discovers a dark plot brewed up by a mining town who serves Cthulu and is dragged into a world of paranormal intrigue. It plays out as a series of heists as you undermine the cultists whilst wearing a bandana. There's also quieter moments. The game sort of builds to the heists slowly.

The second: A game about a porn star. Basically Boogie Nights the game.

Your turn. Wishpitch!

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Great DKC Race! Super close.

Let's just do Majora's Mask 3D File Name and let's start ASAP. Someone ask @danryckert what it should be, Gerstman or Ryckert. He'll know what'll be funniest and help us rally.

Also we should consider doing something for Austin Walker instead.

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I think we should name Link from Majora's Mask "Gerstman". That's the max length of the field. Could also go with "Ryckert".

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What's the GB Donation this time? We doing RyanD again for Robo? Perhaps something Ryckert themed?

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Needs a unique angle. Arkham Asylum wasn't just a Batman game, it was a Batman game set in a very specific locale.

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I'd throw Austin into that mix and make it about... I dunno, gardening. Vinny owns a house and so does Jeff, right? They must have lawns possibly with trees and shit. Dan can be amused.

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Of games I've played? Heroes of the Storm. That's about all needs to be said. My number one of the year for sure.

Oh, also big ups to Life is Strange. I think that game will be my #3 when all's said and done. Also Witcher 3 and Axiom Verge will get on the list somewhere.

Of upcoming games? I think Rare Replay will be number two. It's lots of my favorite games of all time on new hardware with bonus features. Honestly, I'd have been happy to pay 30 for Kazooie and Tooie on Xbox One so I could extra never use my old 360. Granted, that was before back compat was announced but still.

Oh also Just Cause 3 sounds incredible. That's a solid number 4 I think. And let's not forget Mario Maker. I don't know where that falls but it probably makes the list.

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We have a chat channel at giantbomb.

/join giantbomb


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Yep. Few things to note.

-They confirmed no other Metroids were in development.

-Iwata stared into a banana again

-Last time Iwata did that was a year before the reveal of Tropical Freeze.

Guys get hype. Retro is closing out their DKC Trilogy!

(Don't listen to naysayers. They thought DKCR was all Retro would do. They were ridiculously wrong. They have a bad track record.)