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It's a bad comparison. Destiny is set in the ruins of a once great Space Empire that spanning the solar system. Mass Effect is a space empire in its prime. Different things.

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@mb: Any idea what time tomorrow morning?

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I know this will get eaten by an evil robot but I am about to go on vacation and the right person getting these codes isn't my priority. Go for it!

Edit: Hang on maybe a freind wants. Now I am hoping no evil robot ate it.

Edit: Yep, gone. Whoops.

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Gematsu being deconfirmed is super rad. Now the fact neither K Rool or Dixie appeared in the leaks is meaningless because they were fake! K. Rool is totally more likely now because the leak is false. Plus they've shown they're not against adding 2 characters to a single franchise! K. Rool AND Dixie could be coming! Celebrate!

Also as it has been with previous character reveals the new characters look super good and super fun. It's really cool how each character has something to them.

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@beb: unless they buy him from Microsoft no. Tiptup specifically would also complicate rereleases of the Banjos since both have Tiptup cameos.

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Some guy evidently involved in Diddy Kong Racing 2 is reporting on what its gone through in the last 10 years.

In short...

  • In early concepts Monster Games went towards differentiating it from Mario Kart further with an emphasis on animal carts that each played differently depending on what animal buddy they represented.
  • Monster games started working on it in 2006 however after DK Bongo Blast tanked and they couldn't get the characters from Microsoft at a decent price they changed what they had into Excitebots.
  • They then made Pilotwings as Nintendo was impressed with part of a DKR demo which involved a bird like vehicle.
  • After Mario Kart Wii sold scads and Donkey Kong Country Returns sold more than any Wii Zelda or Metroid interest was renewed in DKR2 and they began again this time for Wii U.
  • Retro would help this time. Additionally Monster games helped with Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and ported Returns to 3DS. They've done a lot of collaboration recently.
  • It will have the animals aspect from Excite Bots and the open hub world aspect from Diddy Kong Racing.
  • Dillon, Mallo and Rusty will be among the roster. It will be full of lesser known Nintendo characters.
  • Guy reckons it'll be announced and released in 2015.
  • Microsoft and Nintendo have had some talks about other roster stuff and DKR rights.

Really interesting stuff, seems pretty credible. Sounds very cool.

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@hailinel: He's the kind of guy who get straight to the point. He buys black coffee and he's out of the joint. Now I don't really drink coffee but don't get me wrong. It didn't need to be Phil, him and twitter didn't get along. They went on some dates but that's about it, Then he moved to San Diego and turned ultra-violet.

Hey hey Phil, hey hey hey Phil, what the hass! Hey Phil, you really need to come get your mail. Hey hey Phil. Hey there Phil, how've you been? Hey Phil, hey Phil, hey Phil these chips are stale. Hey Phil, hey Phil, ran into your mom last week. Hey hey Phil, think about you every day without fail. Hey Phil, hey hey Phil, hey Phil, how're you doing Hey Phil, when will you let me outta jail?

When it comes to vice, Phil got it dialed. He looks at indy rock and the girls gone wild. The blasters fall gut 'cause he's gone insane. Found another route, tasted nakked in the rain. He doesn't burn Incense but she's got me incensed, our feeling for each other were too intense. Consumed by the fire, and he's all alone.

Try as he might, he just can't go home. Bass!

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I wouldn't worry about how fast it sold out. The fact that it sold out of 3 day passes at all should say enough, it shouldn't also have to be in the first 15 minutes. First 2 hours is just as good.

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