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Jeff has talked about using some similar glasses on the podcast in the past, although I can't remember which at the moment. He didnt like them because they were meant to be used inside I believe, which defeats the point of sunglasses

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Find different people to play with man. Playing games should be fun, not something that causes dread or anxiety. I realize dropping the friends you currently have isn't as easy as changing your brand of toothpaste, at least tell them what's up and how you feel about their attitude. If you play any mobas, literally any of the major 4 (yes I even play smite), myself and my group of guys would love to play with you.

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I wouldn't say Artorias is the hardest fight in the game by any means. I personally think that fight is one of the most fun in the game, but I would label Gwyn and O&S harder in my opinion.

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I lost my Dark Souls 1 save that contained my main character I had worked on for 400+ hours. I got the platinum trophy though, so I'll always have proof of my deeds

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Dota Hats

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@spree4567: I got an extra #9 for your #2. Just let me know and I'll add you

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Fez is overrated

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Dark Souls actually. I dont know what it is about that game that gets me but it does

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Dragon Age 2. What a lazy game compared to the sheer quality of the first.

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