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For the longest time I thought this and Tera were the same game.

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@mento: You make a good point with Valkyria Chronicles. Perhaps you're right and they are gauging the market to see if it's worth it to bring their console games to the PC. I'd have already bought the Yakuza games if they are on Steam. I just hope that for their older games like Skies of Arcadia, that they haven't lost all the source assets needed for a proper port. Then again, I guess they can probably wrap an emulator around a ROM of the game like they did with the Genesis games on Steam. GameTap did manage to prove that there is an official Dreamcast emulator floating around somewhere if I remember correctly.

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Wow, I didn't know that Game Arts still existed. I had assumed that after Grandia 3 they had died off like most B-tier devs in Japan. Despite what GungHo says about the port, I have a feeling that they might just be updating the old PC version that was released in 2002.

I echo the sentiment that Skies of Arcadia needs to have a PC release; preferably the Legends Gamecube port since it had extra stuff. But it seems like all the Dreamcast games that got Steam releases already had a PC port in place from back then, and Skies of Arcadia never got one.

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I would rule out Planescape Torment. And before anyone lynches me it's because I feel that Torment is more like a visual novel made in the Infinity Engine. Don't get me wrong, the story is up there as one of the greats, but the gameplay often feels like it's just there because of the engine the game was made in. So unless the you are looking for a more story focused game, you should maybe try out any of the other 3. Baldur's Gate 2 is generally regarded as Bioware's best work.

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*currently waititng*

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Okay, Bison's trench coat is pretty dope. I'm fine with them using Omega mode as a testing ground for new moves for SF5, but I can't help but feel that it cheapens it a bit.

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But what about the ponytail-less shadow?!

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5 buckaroos for the whole Mass Effect trilogy is pretty dope. Everyone get Okami if you haven't yet.

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@flstyle: Wait what? Streamed at Justin Wong's personal Twitch channel?

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@yummylee said:

So is Wasteland 2 strangely enough. I hope they'll be able to adapt these games to consoles well as I've always been intrigued by Divinity: Original Sin in particular!

Oh damn, I still haven't finished Wasteland 2. I hope it doesn't mess up my save.