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I feel that Darksiders tried to do that.

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Last time I played SH2 on the PC it had crazy sound issues. Voices would cut out mid convos, stuff like that. Granted this was 5 years ago on Windows Vista, so I don't know if there is a fan patch to fix that stuff nowadays.

SH3 on the PC runs fine though.

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I use it as a filter for interesting games. I followed like 15 big curators that I had similar tastes with and that usually guarantees that the best games get shown on the front page for me. Right now it's Divinity, Crusader Kings, and Hotline Miami. I say just throw some stuff on the list when you guys feel like it.

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As someone who played the original a couple weeks ago, I can safely say that you can skip it and head on straight to the second one. It's not that much scary anymore and it gets pretty repetitive mid-game. The puzzles aren't particularly interesting and you are forced to explore the smallish mansion at least 3 times over throughout the game.

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Riggle will play photojournalist and oddball-weapon-creation-enthusiast Frank West, who was the main character in Capcom's original Dead Rising film. The movie — which will not play in theaters and instead debut on Sony's Crackle service — is written by Tim Carter

What? What?! Is this gonna have the budget of a Machinima movie?

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Star Citizen's grey market is not unlike Team Fortress 2's hat market or Counter Strike's skin market. It's just really strange that it exists when the game and the ships don't. It's kinda like bartering around limited preorders.

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@rebel_scum: LastPass manages your passwords for you by storing an encrypted file within its servers. As far as I know, all the encrypting and decrypting is done locally on your own computer and not their servers. So even they don't have access to your passwords. It's not just a plain text file that is saved.

Ah, here's something from their website:

All encryption/decryption occurs on your computer, not on our servers. This means that your sensitive data does not travel over the Internet and it never touches our servers, only the encrypted data does.

Your encryption key is created from your email address and Master Password. Your Master Password is never sent to LastPass, only a one-way hash of your password when authenticating, which means that the components that make up your key remain local. This is why it is very important to remember your LastPass Master Password; we do not know it and without it your encrypted data is meaningless. LastPass also offers advanced security options that let you add more layers of protection.

I wasn't talking about exporting the password list as a plain text file if that's what you meant by save functionality. For the record, I think that LastPass is a way better alternative to making up your own passwords simply because it is patternless. Just make sure that you have a strong master password along with 2-Factor Authentication turned on though.

There are of course other equally viable password managers if you don't find LastPass to your liking.

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I use LastPass for my password managing needs. It's free and you can have it as an addon for Firefox or Chrome. It allows you to generate unique passwords and save them for later use.

And if your email has Two-Factor Authentication, you should really turn that on. It makes it much harder for people from other machines to get into it.

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I love the idea of progression even on failure. In one of his blogs, Edmund McMillen wrote about how Binding of Isaac was designed to reward the player's persistence with new stuff the more time they put into it. Of course, there are ways to badly implement stuff like this. For example, we have the current trend of multiplayer games doling out experience for every round and rewards for each level up. I don't particularly enjoy how grindy some games can get with this type of mechanic. PayDay was especially egregious about this.

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I am getting G4 flashbacks. This reminds me of that Cheat show they used to air.