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Alex Valle spent the whole day watching that title screen. So that was cool.

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@csl316 said:

Tomb Raider 1, anytime I jumped into water I expected a crocodile to eat me. Then I turned a corner once and saw one fucking running at me on land and.... good god, man. Even when playing Anniversary, I almost had to quit at the Tomb of Tihocan because the terror came back. This was the reason I had issues with deep water for a while.

And don't get me started about TR2, in which you begin a level underwater surrounded by sharks.

And yeah, Echo was nuts.

Oh man TR2's underwater shipwreck area was horrifying. That giant eel almost made me quit the game.

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I liked the bit with the milk duds and the part where the movie was 90% footage of another movie except dubbed over.

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From what I've seen the fighting game that manages to attract the most female top players is Dead or Alive (at least back when 4 was played competitively). The competitive scene for those games is currently really small... so they aren't really headliners in major tournaments.

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Despite the setbacks, Momochi continues to prove that this is his year. Congrats to him, Gamerbee, and Infiltration for making top 3. Welp, the road to 500k marches on!

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I'd have to agree, the way the Marvel streams were handled today was disappointing.

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Strider gets first dibs with a double perfect. That kid looks bummed! Dat popoff.

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@chaser324: Thanks duder.

@viciousbearmauling:TAN BLUE SHIRT HERO makes a compelling case and yet it gets denied. I guess they didn't want SuperArcade to compete with Donut Man. But seriously, they got some issues with the guy that owns the property.