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Cobrastan is not a real country. Entry Denied.

I've gone my whole life without touching a Sega console. So no, you are just very European/British.

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The vanilla game is pretty great by itself, so if you don't care for the time it takes to look for and install mods you should just jump in. That said, there are some pretty cool mods out there for second playthroughs.

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@altairre: Well there's that one Avatar game that came out a few months ago if you want a spell slinging Platinum game... but yeah.

Anyways, great list Demoskinos! It's refreshing to see someone whose games preferences lean toward the more niche and eclectic side of things. I haven't played any of them but they do sound interesting. I should get on with finishing FF13-2.

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@corevi: I was mainly referring to how Ground Zeroes didn't have it. :P

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Ya'll overlooking one thing:

"If the player gets spotted too many times they will receive this chicken hat that increases the camo index."

The Camo Index is gonna be back?! #chickenhype

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Spelunky for 3 bucks is tempting. I know it'll take me a while before I get to playing it though and by then it might be cheaper. Hmm...

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@karkarov: Thank you Based Corporate Lawyer Guy™

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Whoo another episode of "The Higher-Ups In A Big Game Company Doesn't Understand Their Customers."

@do_the_manta_ray But I'm pretty sure DS2 comes with all the bells and whistles that were expected from a PC port. Wouldn't it make more sense to DMCA the mods that add extra shaders/textures to DS2?

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There might be a problem combining Super with the original wiki pages though. Each one has a review attached to them and I'm not sure what will happen if combined.

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I would try this if it came out over here. Hacking up a fake Chinese account and playing with a high ping doesn't seem too enticing though.