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@fredchuckdave: I noticed that Valle was asking Sci if he wanted to comment on a WNF so we might get some BOOLIT BOOLIT BOOLIT action soon.

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Gotta have some of that made in a weekend indie horror game money.

Here is your choice. You have no choice.

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"It was HACKERS! Definitely hackers! It was the lizard men!"

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Atlus and terrible translations seems a bit odd to me, because in every single one of their games I've played the translations have been ace (from the SMT games to something less popular like Steambot Chronicles). Maybe the game just has bad writing in general and not even good translation can salvage it?

Thanks for the heads up though. I was sort of interested in trying this out since it was an SRPG, but if it is that text heavy maybe I'll avoid it. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed visual novels. But having to read a bunch of text on a TV is not fun.

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l1ghtn1n: @flstyle: Upon some Googling, itseems like the games used to default to best of 3 rounds, but tournaments prefer best of 5 due to how much importance these games place on momentum. The extra 3rd round allows people enough time to read their opponents instead of getting blown up. So the games decided to adopt that as the standard.

Pretty sure I know which online tournament you are talking about. It was the one with Rico Suave as Thunder. Yeah, I wasn't sure why his DPs were working so well too. Rico Factor? @starvinggamer

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Maybe I'm misremembering, but didn't Tekken and DOA used to default to FT2 rounds? When did FT3 become the standard for 3D titles?

Also, anyone watching the Sonic Boom Madrid streams? Spanish commentary is pretty hype.

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Given how much we knew about MGS3 and 4 before their respective releases, I'm gonna guess that Konami is gonna start rolling out a bunch plot info from now on. Major story beats are gonna be plot out by fans by the time the game is released.

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I had one of those crappy 3rd party mega memory cards for the PS1, and that thing would wipe itself on a whim. Needless to say, I lost a bunch of endgame JRPG save files due to that.

Another one is from Morrowind. It's a known fact that Bethesda games on consoles are held together by the code equivalent of duct tape and crazy glue. I've been playing the game with only a single save file for hundreds of hours and I've practically uncovered the whole map. Then the game decided to crash in a middle of saving one day. I promptly started up a new character and proceed to make a new save after every session. LESSON LEARNED.

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Dieminion stonewalled the rest of the WC team in that first set!

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Tri-Ace made a ton of great B-Tier games during the PS1 and PS2 era. I'm not sure why the quality dipped last gen. Wasn't Star Ocean 4 awful? That said, I should get around to playing Resonance of Fate, which I hear is one of their better games last gen. Maybe this isn't all bad though, perhaps they will make great mobile games?