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The Xboxalypse felt like it would have never ended. It was beautiful.

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That anime superstore guy is LIVING THE DREAM. So is Adam Sessler doing PR-work now? I thought that he retired or something. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying his The Evil Within promo vids.

And Scoops, speaking of games targeted at females, you should look into the otome games genre. It's apparently fairly popular in the east. There are even a few on Steam surprisingly. Can't wait for the inevitable Spookin' with Scoops feature in which you play through Backstage Pass!

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Man, I remember being blown away by how the day/night system was implemented in this one. Everyone had their own schedules and certain events only happen on certain times.

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@audiobusting: On the character sheet in which you do all the cosmetics stuff (name, bio, model, portrait) there is an option to Export your character on the right hand side of the screen. The button is like right underneath the Randomize button.

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DEW Squad. Code Red as heavy weapons expert. Live Wire as sniper/hacker. White Out as medic. Baja Blast as security expert.

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What is up with Id Tech 5 games requiring a massive amount of hard drive space? That textures aren't even extraordinarily high res. Are there a bunch of prerendered videos in these games?

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@rowr said:

Thanks for the heads up, added this.

I also noticed two others carrying the giantbomb name. Not sure how I feel about that.

I wonder who's adding stuff to the Giant Bomb group curator's list. They seem to be linking to various reviews on the site.

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I just got to Highpool and, barring the Unity3D jank, I think I'll like this game. It plays up the 90s-esque CRPG feel pretty well.

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I like that they finally tell you which games you already own. The front page seems a bit cluttered though.