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SpaceChem is the best puzzle game I'll never complete.

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Aww having no BlazBlue just made me realize that we won't get to see Pop's insane Platinum. I hope he enters in another game.

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Gotta love the trolling they did when they announced Smash Melee. I'm also a bit disappointed that KOF got dropped, I'd rather have that in as a main tourney than Tekken 7. And that's because no one will have sufficient time to lab it up for that game. Even DOA would have been a better choice for a 3D fighter, but I understand that Tekken 7 was placed in the list because it had Namco's support.

But man... nine games for the main event! I'm not gonna get any sleep come EVO.

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Man I don't remember the old site looking that atrocious.

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Tetris isn't even an arcade game.

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@humanity said:

"Taking her kids to a, fighting game convention, whatever that is"

One day video games, one day your day will come.

That is the best part.

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Some dev really wants to cash in on the popularity of the prolific DriveClub license.

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I enjoy watching high level play in fighting games even if I'm not good at them. It's good to know that there is a ton of potential in the game. It makes for great spectating too.

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Man that sucks if it's true that a bunch of their content are gone. The Half Good(?) videos were great.

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If the tone of the RE2 segments in The Darkside Chronicles is anything to go by, it'll be a lot like that. Leon will be in his swag agent persona and Claire will be one-shotting zombies with throwing knives. I wonder if the multiple campaigns scenario will get in the way of the budget however. That original game was like 4 games in one.

The possibility of a metroid-esque shooter is intriguing though. Although, I don't know if Capcom knows how to make shooting at zombies fun considering the zombie enemies in RE6 didn't flinch one bit when shot at.