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- Dark Souls 2

- The Walking Dead Season 2

- Ultra Street Fighter 4 (does that count?)

- Ace Attorney Investigations 2 (Well, the translation came out this year)

I spent most of my playing time with older games this year. I checked off a ton of games off my backlog thanks to that.

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I was wondering why it looked like Nickelodeon had taken over the premium video player.

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I feel for you duder. I once lost a copy of Legend of Grimrock because the scammer claimed he had an FTL key.

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Where is Tracksuit and what has he had!?

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@fallen189: I think that moment was less "Does Luke die?" and more "Does Bonnie die?" Yep, you can get Bonnie killed in that situation if you covered Luke and didn't break the ice. Which makes her outburst at Clementine all the more ironic, since she fucking saved her!

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@branthog: Did you play Season 2 or The Wolf Among Us? Telltale totally fixed their broken save system and their production values overall have gotten much better, at least on the PC version. I mean, the animations are still a bit puppet-like and there are still quick time events, but they are getting better at doing this stuff. The pointless choice stuff I'll give you that, but Season 2 does have like 3 drastically different endings.

I don't know how they are going to be able to incorporate more gamey elements into their stuff. It seems like it might go against the storytelling they try to do. They can always go back to trying to make the games more like adventure games, but I'm not sure if people want that. The first season contained some minor puzzles and people griped about it; I enjoyed it though.

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Pathetic? Geez, that's maybe a bit harsh.

git gud nub


wat r u casul

I do think the wording seems very unlike Miyamoto and more like something Kamiya or Itagaki might say.

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@ll_exile_ll: Yeah true, it never really worked too well in the old Infinity Engine games.

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I was kinda hoping that it would be a coop mode for the campaign kinda like how Baldur's Gate did it, but a separate coop mode sounds pretty good too. I played a ton of Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, and I loved how they kept updating it for free.

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So I just watched all the alternate endings, and I feel like I pretty much got the 'Bad Ending' of sorts. The ending with Kenny is SO much more fulfilling and heartfelt than the one where you're all alone. Hell, even the one with Jane at least makes you feel like something was accomplished. The Kenny Ending is definitely the 'Good Ending' in my eyes, since you succeed in your goal.

Hell yeah! I'm with you on that. Kenny begging Clem to leave him brought back memories of the last bits of the first season. If I had gotten the other endings I would've been super bummed, and not in the good way; more so if it was the alone one (taking a baby that can cry at a moment's notice right into a herd sounds like a really bad idea). The Jane ones are okay, but they kinda feel... incomplete? Clem is now with a person she knows for 2 whole episodes and is still in a precarious situation.

Kenny's death speech was pretty good though.
If you haven't seen it yet, you should do yourself a favor and look up what happens when you don't shoot Kenny. It is appropriately devastating.