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It is what it is! 0

So, that was fun, beat it on veteran, totally didn't upgrade my melee weapons >_< oops..Story wise, GREAT! I think thats about how most of the comics go, except deadpool got to win the day! Lower your maturity level a bit, and the game might actually be really funny too!Gameplay, not as laggy or choppy as GiantBomb's gameplay video would make you think, I was able to chain plenty of things together! And the double teleport is more handy later on!The difficulty is actually quite nice!, I d...

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Worth the 40 bucks I guess. 0

So, some things about this ARE what they say they are, and some aren't.1. The infinite supply of stones, is just 1 stone, but you can use it again and again.2.There are small changes in the game that are GREAT, you can enhance items at the shop INCLUDING whats in your storage.3. The extra disc contains, an HD texture pack, which I'm not sure how subtle the changes are, but the game is easier to look at for sure.4. The new content in itself is good, its dark creepy, and difficult, so it should k...

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Disagree with JeffG 0

I disagree with Jeff Gerstmann on the extra baggage part of Tekken 6. If anything, there wasn't enough..  I always like the funny snippit endings of the characters, but they had barely any story behind them just funnies.. The game revolves around Lars, who IS cool, but not cool enough to take the reigns himself..  I also enjoy the adventure mode, its just fun beat'em up action and you have to do the harder modes and play alot to get all the neat outfits you cannot just go and buy..   The arcade ...

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My Eyes Hurt.. 0

It's everything I asked for. Now I have to deal with the fact I played it for hours on end with my pal.. We unlocked zombie survival and we did that alot after getting our butts whooped by the boss in the story arc.. All in all, I asked for a fun beat em up that I could play with my pals OFFLINE, and I got it, game references left and right, RPG elements, shining lights that hurt my brain at 3AM..  This game is FUN, but if you play it too long.. you suck the fun outta it..  Now all I need is fou...

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Just for fun 0

I always enjoyed this game..  Never liked any sequel to it..  Dunno why, I guess its just because the game was new, and all the plot bits fit in perfectly to what you would enjoy, its a sweet little game to farm for yourself, love your cows and chickens, and abuse your dog by never letting back in the house.  I believe it is Harvest Moon's fault I love plain cakes so much....

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Hate wolf.. so much.. 0

This is gonna be short.  Loved learning the combat moves. Loved the graphics. Bought it on GC because I am a fanatic, so Link MUST be left handed, not righty. Hate lack of directions. But welcome to LOZ Loved surfing the ice chunk, memories of FF7 Bosses are still fun and easy...ish hate wolf, hate wolf, hate wolf.... Midna. not so bad....

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DBZ Winner 0

As a slight fan of side scroller fighters, this is my end all beat all favorite DBZ game they have so far! They had the story all there, free flying, all the transformations IN the characters, without selecting a separate version. Just everything about this game had it, and they dropped the ball with later games, giving up length for better looking sprites..  ITS CEL SHADED.... The graphics are pretty much as good as they get!...

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Adorable Fun 0

This is one of the first SNES games I ever played in my life, it was shortly before I owned a Super Nintendo myself. I enjoyed all the power ups, the adorable sprites, and clumsy antics of both characters.. This is one of the few games I wish they'd revise, or at least revisit.. I say go find it and try it, its and arcade type shooterish deal, alot of walking, and some difficult boss fights....

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Deadpool!!! Now what? 0

So, in short, WIN.  This is a great beat em up, its long enough to be a game, but short enough not to get too bored. I liked the story, loved my choice of characters, however thin it was. Most achievements are achievable by the average player. Costumes are... not 100% worth unlocking.. Some are pretty ugly...  The Fusions are very similar unless your using a special Duo. And once you play through with Deadpool, you don't really care about the retorts of any other character in any other playthrou...

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Gloriously Mediocre 0

I bought this game craving some good ol'beat'em up action, and when I started it up, I got what I wanted. But uncoordinated as I am, I quickly discovered the directions to main quest ideas were, not very reliable.. And many fights were too similar to enjoy for long.  Alot of the Boss fights were quite, different, and if you ignored leveling up they were hard aswel! But with many good games that last way too long, I never beat this game, its still on my shelf.. It's worth a buy if you really like...

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Close, but no Sensu 0

I was a fan of Budokai 1-3 the side stated fighter was quick fun, and even though all you did was dodge and shoot kai blasts all day, that was all you needed.. Strange new storyline sides where good, and all the playable characters you wanted, with all the super saiyan levels built right in.. Burst Limit had ALOT of high quality action and same old story, but it was just such a let down, to stop at Cell and Brolly, let alone the damn cut ins.... With he cut in assistance OFF I would rate this ga...

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Agreed 0

Fallout 3 is a brand new story, it may not be along side the original or a direct sequel, but it is a game you can hop into whether you like shooters, or RPGS.. Be it, the hand to hand is kind of lame to say the least, lobbing a grenade into a crowd of four or more is infinitely worth more kicks. I find Fallout 3 to be one of VERY few games I have on my shelf that is RE-playable. I would give Batman a higher rating for its story and playability, because its a beat'em up which is my style of game...

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