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Was listening to a playlist of old Bombcast clips and came across this gem about Dan's band and musical ability. I thought it was pretty funny to hear a bit of smack talk about the latest hire to the Bomb crew. Here's hoping we finally see Dan pick up a bass as part of an UPF or something.

(Actual insults start flying at 50 sec.)

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My improv team is joining the cause! We already do a web series called Happy Hour Game Time, so we figured a 25-hour long episode would be right up our alley. We're partnering up with a whole bunch of local community talent in Las Vegas, and it should be pretty damn exciting. Good luck, duders!

Team Page:

Twitch Page:

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"it was a different, empty, uncomfortable feeling that consumed me"

I can't speak for everyone, but I have a feeling that you have nailed the exact state of emotions most of the community is experiencing. I know with 100% certainty that it is exactly how I have felt these past 2 days. Thanks for taking the time to share this. <>

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This was the very first piece of Giantbomb content I ever saw, and I happened upon it by a simple Google search. As son as Ryan started screaming at the flying torso monster, I fell in love with this site.

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There's also a dude called TheBurlapLemur who seems to have made it his mission to go through the ENTIRE QL catalog and cut out the best moments. He's really lacking in views. Let's change that!

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In an attempt to throw in my unofficial help to "Project: Quick Look Everything," I've put together an episode of what I'm calling "Fancyclopedia Bombastica" focusing on the early PS1 game Krazy Ivan.

The way I see it, I have already been making gaming commentary videos, and I might as well produce them with the Giantbomb community in mind. So tell me what you think. I've got a huge game collection, a lot of which is comprised of weird PS1 games. I'll be happy to make more vids if people dig it.

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Thought I'd throw in my experience with Spec Ops. I just finished it last night after only 3 nights; I could not put that game down. On topic with the bombers' discussion, in regards to THE moment:
I didn't have that moment ruined at all the way Jeff explained it. When I played, I hit that last tank and then watched the explosion spill into the trench. I tracked the camera up with it and saw the cluster of people JUST as it was filled with white fire. My heart completely sank and I said, "Oh... damn it..."
The moment worked for me just fine. Admittedly, I saw it totally telegraphed in terms of "something bad with innocent people is gonna happen," but in terms of execution it was perfect in my game. So while I wouldn't have given it Best Story, I probably would have given it Best Presentation.

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These guys made a game that shaped my very childhood. But hey, maybe they'll take the initiative other closed studios have and form a new group to bring back their amazing work. I can only hope. 

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"Oh shit, I have a bag of Milky Ways" is my new favorite thing.

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Thank God for the Elgato Game Capture HD. I have finally found a way to quickly and easily capture game footage off my consoles. Powered up with this little device and Garageband, I am able to do something I've wanted to do for a long time: post videos of games online with commentary. And so, I introduce TonyBlue Plays, a series of videos of random games from all sorts of generations. I'm trying to pick some obscure PS1 games, but I have also done some more recent releases.
This is still a fresh project for me (I only started about a week ago), and I'm looking for feedback and suggestions. So if anyone has any sort of feedback whatsoever, I'd love to hear it. I hope to keep doing this for awhile, and I'd love to have the support of the Giantbomb community of duders behind me. I don't need cash or sponsors, and I'm not trying to do anything fancy other than playing games and talking about them; all I ask is for some honest opinions and interested viewership.
It all starts here, with me failing to crack the 2,000,000 point mark in PacMan CE DX's Manhattan maze. If you enjoy the show, let me know, check out the rest, and I'll keep on truckin'. Game on!