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Are you... have we... is this an attempt to become the new "million bucks?"

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I run a stream with my improv troupe, and we bring guests in from the improv and theatre community throughout the entire day. It keeps things fresh and can add some much-needed energy during those twilight hours.

As for what to play when, I try to constantly mix things up, both in console and genre. When watching last year's footage, I discovered that anything more than about 30 minutes is a long time to watch any one game, so it's important to keep your viewers in mind. We had a surprising amount of fun doing a "game show" block last year, which got people in our chat chiming in and trying to guess Wheel of Fortune puzzles and Buzz! questions. We're gonna do Fibbage this year, so we can play directly with our viewers.

Lastly (and it may be a bit too late to start this now, though still in the spirit of your "stretch goal" idea), we added donation incentives to our stream, a la Awesome Games Done Quick. When people donate, they tell us which goal to fund, and we add it to the stream once it meets its goal. It's been a moderately successful way of drawing donations (it's only our second year doing this), and it's just one more way to keep things fresh. I'll add a pic of our menu.

Good luck, duder! Our team page is here if you wanna hit me up for more info.

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Funnily enough, somebody else made this same thread a month ago. Weird.

And yeah, I can't recall him swearing either.

Ah, apologies for the double-thread, then. I hadn't seen that, and this seemed like such a specific thing that I didn't expect someone to have already brought it up.

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This is something that I've noticed recently, and the "alliteration" bit of the most recent Demo Derby confirmed that I'm not just crazy; Drew never, ever swears. I haven't heard him utter a single vulgarity in any piece of content, Giant Bomb or elsewhere. This is not a criticism, quite the contrary. I find it absolutely fascinating, especially given that he works at the gaming site that is easily the most cavalier about language. Even sitting next to Dan, whose curse count potentially outweighs even Jeff's, Drew maintains his swear-free lifestyle.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there, in fact, a hidden moment of sailor-level lingo I've missed? If not, this is just one more thing to add to the "Drew Is Fascinating" list.

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Was listening to a playlist of old Bombcast clips and came across this gem about Dan's band and musical ability. I thought it was pretty funny to hear a bit of smack talk about the latest hire to the Bomb crew. Here's hoping we finally see Dan pick up a bass as part of an UPF or something.

(Actual insults start flying at 50 sec.)

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My improv team is joining the cause! We already do a web series called Happy Hour Game Time, so we figured a 25-hour long episode would be right up our alley. We're partnering up with a whole bunch of local community talent in Las Vegas, and it should be pretty damn exciting. Good luck, duders!

Team Page:

Twitch Page:

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"it was a different, empty, uncomfortable feeling that consumed me"

I can't speak for everyone, but I have a feeling that you have nailed the exact state of emotions most of the community is experiencing. I know with 100% certainty that it is exactly how I have felt these past 2 days. Thanks for taking the time to share this. <>

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This was the very first piece of Giantbomb content I ever saw, and I happened upon it by a simple Google search. As son as Ryan started screaming at the flying torso monster, I fell in love with this site.

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There's also a dude called TheBurlapLemur who seems to have made it his mission to go through the ENTIRE QL catalog and cut out the best moments. He's really lacking in views. Let's change that!

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In an attempt to throw in my unofficial help to "Project: Quick Look Everything," I've put together an episode of what I'm calling "Fancyclopedia Bombastica" focusing on the early PS1 game Krazy Ivan.

The way I see it, I have already been making gaming commentary videos, and I might as well produce them with the Giantbomb community in mind. So tell me what you think. I've got a huge game collection, a lot of which is comprised of weird PS1 games. I'll be happy to make more vids if people dig it.