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The Granstream Saga is an action-RPG created by developer Shade for the Sony PlayStation.

The main character of the story is Eon, a young man who is eventually tasked to save the world by finding a way to keep the world's four floating continents from falling into the ocean. Eon wears the "scepter," a jewel on his hand with a variety of utilitarian magics, including the ability to restore destroyed objects to their original state and "store" equipment until Eon enters a fight.

As Eon progresses through his quest, he encounters allies intent on helping him accomplish his goal, as well as the remnants of an ancient empire believed to have caused the calamity in the first place. But the situation is not as cut and dry as it appears to be, and Eon will learn, before his journey is over, that he has more of a hand in matters of fate than he believes...

Combat in Granstream Saga is real-time, and is initiated by touching a wandering enemy whilst in a dungeon. Combat is one-on-one between Eon and a single enemy. Enemies fight in a variety of ways, from fast opponents that are easy to stun but hard to catch, to lumbering brutes who don't get stunned and must be fought using Eon's superior agility.

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