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Quintet Company, Limited was founded in 1989 by the former Nihon Falcom employees Tomoyoshi Miyazaki and Masaya Hashimoto, previously best known as the creators of the Ys series. The company's name signifies the five primary tasks in game creation: programming, planning, graphics, sound, and production.

Quintet was most active in the 1990s and had a strong relationship with Enix (now Square Enix), which published their games mostly on the Super Nintendo platform. Quintet's games frequently portrayed a common theme of two entities, one that brings chaos and destruction and the other that controls creation. Several of their games also feature a dog named Turbo.


Soul BlazerSNES
ActRaiser 2SNES
Illusion of GaiaSNES
Solo CrisisSaturn
Code RSaturn
Godzilla GenerationsSaturn
Planet LaikaPlayStation
The Granstream SagaPlayStation

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