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Formed in 1981 by Masayuki Kato, Nihon Falcom (日本ファルコッム in Japanese) is responsible for considerable growth in the Japanese computer game industry. Unlike many game companies in the 1980's, Falcom refrained from moving development to the Nintendo Family Computer, and instead decided to continue developing for the Japanese Personal Computer.

While a number of Falcom's titles have been ported to home consoles and portable systems, past ports have been handled by companies other than Falcom (such as Hudson, NEC and Konami). With the recent loss of their PC distributor in japan, Falcom has moved future development to the PSP, starting with Ys Seven, the newest installment in their flagship series.

Falcom is famous in Japan for a number of its series, including Brandish, Ys, and Legend of Heroes. However, due to their heavy emphasis on Japanese PC development, the company was largely unknown in Europe and North America until more recent years.

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