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Get married when you're certain you're ready for it and you've met someone you feel you could spend your life with. Or don't. It's entirely up to you.

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Wait. First they blame video games for the shooting, and then they release their own video game? It's just a target practice game, but that's just as hypocritical as it can be. Also ages four and up? That's just... I can't... What... Ahh, I give up.

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Can't wait. Also just how are the zombies going to work? I'm just asking because I hope they won't just make it a reskin of the robots with dead skin instead of metal. My personal hope: they can bite and if you die of a bite you will become a zombie! But probably a little too much to hope for. And the more I think of it, it's probably just going to be a reskin. But at least give us some good "BRAIIIIINS" jokes fitting of the characters.

Also: Notice the Heavy's lack of lower ribs, and the Soldier's hole in the middle of his body.

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@Bio2hazard: I guess I can agree with you that the price could be set lower, and I see where you're coming from. So, yeah, I can also agree with you that Greenlight may have a few kinks. But then, the admission price was fixing one problem, while maybe creating another. So perhaps Steam will set the price down.

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@Bio2hazard: Yeah, it does appear I was wrong about it being an investment. Sorry about that. And perhaps $100 is a bit much, but the reason they did it was because people misused the project. I think they could have set the entree price lower.

But still, your idea to turn Steam Greenlight into a worse quality version of regular Steam doesn't seem like a good idea. Yes, there may be some good games that would not be able to get into Greenlight by paying $100, but they would drown in fake half-life 3 and shovelware. And while it seems you are right about Greenlight being more gambling than investment, it still seems like a small price to pay, considering your chances of getting in with a good game can be big. But if you are unsure, then maybe you should wait until someone's game on Greenlight has succeeded and how it went for them.

In the meantime go for something like Desura. If you already have any games there, then please tell me, I'd love to see what you can bring to the table.

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@Bio2hazard said:

I think the OP is right in that you pay $100 for a maybe - and that's just now how business should work. You don't put down money to "maybe" buy something.

In my opinion, they should allow sales, downloads, achievements and demos on greenlight, essentially turning it into a steam with less quality control, but keep everything greenlight away from regular steam - so you are not exposed to "crappy" greenlight games unless you want to. That way you can still sell your game and get some exposure - you actually get something for the $100 that you plunk down, and if your game does exceedingly well, Steam can still opt to transfer it over to their main platform.

Well no, you don't put down money to "maybe" buy something. I don't think you meant to say that. The developers are laying down $100 for a maybe, yes. But that's called an investment, they give $100 to have a chance of getting it out on Steam. If the game is any good, their $100 will pay off and they will get a lot more in return.

And in regards to demos and such, they'll probably come out when they have reached 80% or so.

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Well Steam Grenlight differs from the other examples in that it is the user who decides. Which tells you how many people are interested in the game. And that you have to get at least 15 000 votes seem to me a fine number. It sorts out the bad and poorly thought out games from the good games. Along with telling you that at least 15 000 people would play the game And while you may be true in that the other stores requires the same fee or less, but allows you in at that point as long as your game/app works, well as people have pointed out in this thread and in others concerning Steam Greenlight's fee, it's not that much, but with Steam Greenlight's voting system, we, the developers and Steam knows people want to play the game. And it won't drown Steam in bad games, I mean take a look at an app store. For every good app there are twice as many bad apps, who relies on people making a bad call.

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If they want to, I guess they can, but why should they? They have the money to finance their games and crowdfunding, while telling how many people want the game and are willing to help pay for it to be made, is not designed for people who can fund themselves, more for people who can't.

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@Seedofpower: I think that's because the games need more than a hundred up votes. But considering that it has been out for some time now I'm actually surprised it hasn't moved. Seems like they need a lot of votes before they can pass.