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Gonna recommend if my heart had wings. You can get it on mangagamer or on steam.
It's a pretty light hearted story about a group of students building a glider and getting to know each other through the process.

The art is really really well made and the voice actors do a good job of bringing the characters to life.
it's also on sale on steam :P

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Wow, i mean WOW !

I had no idea this game even existed before they played it on UPF and now i'm completely in love with it.

I have no idea how much of it is finished but this feels like the most finished early access game i have played. I managed to play 2 hours so far before i had to go to work and didn't manage to finish even the first dungeon and just barely started upgrading my buildings. Cant wait to dive into it later tonight !

Anyone who likes rogue like or really brutal turn based strategy games should definitely check this out !

Edit: No longer about sonic

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Thanks for the pointers guys !

Keep them coming if you got more, We have 7 days to kill there !

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Hi duders,

Me and a few friends are heading to Edinburgh tomorrow and i was wondering if any of you had any tips on what to check out :P ?

We are of course gonna take a look at Edinburgh castle, the natural history museum (and some other stuff) and ofc the nightlife.

I doubt that we will have any trouble finding stuff to do but is there anything specific any of you think we should check out ?

would also love to know if there is any cool game related stores to check out there.

thanks !

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Any change i could get a invite ?


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Your are a cool dude Rorie !

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Thanks guys, Play asia seems to do the trick

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@aetheldod: No they see that it is a icelandic card and wont allow me to use it.

@mattyftm said:

Amazon should in theory work if you lie about your address and say you live in the UK.

I think i'v tried that in the past and it did not work.

Are you unable to use the the store with the UK account?

I would say

No i can use it with a UK account just not a Icelandic account

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I live in a country where the PSN store is not supported so i'm forced to make a UK account to be able to access it.

I just got the system and there are a few games i would not mind grabbing on the store so does anyone know a nice safe way of buying digital PSN cards online ? (amazon does not work)

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I'm really enjoying it so far and it's reminding me a lot of the first witcher game.
I have accidentally gone and made the demon posses me quite a bit but none of those choices are good vs evil it's more if you want to follow his advice or not.