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@humanity: Damn that is a big download, but thanks for the reply !

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Me and a few friends are looking for a new mmo to play and I noticed this game went free 2 play awhile ago.
I remember people not being that hot on it when it came out but i was wondering if it had changed at all
since release and if anyone here stills plays it ?

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I have the Nexus 4 and it's a great phone, but they've stopped selling them, the new one will be announced soon and some images have leaked, looks like LG will be making again. I'd hold out if you can, but it's tough being without a phone...

Had not heard of this, Do you know if there is going to be any substantial differences between them ?

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I'v been planning on getting a new phone for awhile now and last night my old phone died so i figured this is as good a time as any.

I have been using an Android phone for about 3 years now so i was planning to get another one of those, the nexus 4 maybe, but i am not against apple products in any way. I don't really follow the smartphone business so i figured i'd get some opinions first from people who might have more experience with different kinds of phones.
You guys got any recommendations ?

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I got a corsair k70 not that long ago, that might not be entry level one but i definitely recommend it !

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Its that time of the year again. The league of legends world championship starts today.

Unlike last year the games will go from 09/15 and end with the finals on 10/05

You can watch the matches and check out the schedule on

Day 1 starts today and it features the best teams from the League of Legends Championship Series and the matches are already insane !

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This just seems incredibly stupid to me.
If the creator wants a male lead he should be allowed to have a male lead with out people questioning his choice and demanding other options.

@meatball said:

We need more games created with a female lead in mind from the get-go, where said female character is well written (this goes for protagonists in general). Whinging that existing games conceived with male characters in the lead should have had a female character or gender swap option doesn't do anything for the agenda behind said complaints. I would love say GTA 6 to have a female lead but only if that's ultimately the story the Housers want to tell. Inserting a female into a game to serve tumblr bubble activists/videogame journalists would ultimately just be a hollow gesture if that's not something the creators are interested or comfortable with writing.

I agree completely with this point. Shoehorning a female character into a story for the sake of appeasing everyone would be a bigger insult than not having one to begin with.
Well written female leads is definitely something i want to see more of in games but sadly they are so few and far between that the last game i remember having a well written female protagonist was beyond good and evil.

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I don't run it on sites i like and block everything else

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The way I see it for Blizzard games like Starcraft, those scenes are there to tell a story and portray the world and characters to the gamer. Otherwise, all scenes would be from the top down view with speech over text bubbles and that would be a little boring and less rewarding.

As for MMO's, lots of free2plays have been gearing towards the more action aspect with the advancement of PCs and the internet. Better PCs for handling all the little things going on screen and faster internet for making sure every action done syncs up correctly with the server and other users.

One of those MMOs is Vindictus having a lot of action cutscenes with the gameplay to back it up.

Too lazy to find other videos at this time but there are more MMOs doing this now. Everquest Next is the big one, including others like Dragon Nest, Tera, Continent of the 9th, Blade & Soul and probably much more.

That actually looks pretty fucking awesome.

I remember seeing this game like 2-3 years ago, is it any good ?
I see that nexon is publishing it which makes me worry a bit seeing as they don't have to best track record.

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I want to check this out, but I also want to play Elder Scrolls Online. I don't mind monthly fees but I don't think I can justify 2 at a time.

I think that's the biggest problem with this choice. They're now directly competing with FFXIV and ES:O and I don't see it winning out over either of them.

are people actually excited over ES:O ? I am not meaning that in a bad way, i know nothing about the game but i feel like i only see people talking shit about it.

ESO doesn't look very good sadly. I was pretty excited about it and I'll likely still give it a chance, but everything they show about it just makes me a little less excited.

On the flip side, I had completely written off Wildstar when I first heard/saw it, but as I see more and more of the "devspeak" videos, they just keep throwing food ideas at me.

Same here, they might not be doing anything groundbreaking but it sure looks fun as hell to play