Games from 2011 I played

Doing a summary of games I played in my back log spreadsheet, starting back in 2011. Doing this all from memory so, only commenting on the things that stood out the most for me.

Games played in 2011

1. Limbo
I enjoyed the platforming, the ending, and the length (it was a compact experience).
2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Loved the story and play style of this game once I got past the fact that I was a dude who could murder hundreds of soldiers with ease. The long sequences of shooting dudes were my least favorite parts. I would reccommend anyone who likes video games to play this.
3. Heroes of Might and Magic V
I am a big fan of this series. I sunk TONS of time into this game, played it for months. It is a very niche strategy game. I get the most satisfaction out of building a DOMINATING force and rolling through a map. The clash of heroes expansion (with the dwarfs) can be skipped, it wasn't any better than the core game (but it wasn't significantly worse either).
4. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution
The campaign was really short, but supports many playthroughs with the different races. I think I would have preferred a single campaign with space marines that was more fleshed out. I can see myself going back to this and playing campaign co-op with one of my brothers. Didn't really get into the multiplayer, had to move on to more games in the back log!
5. Punch-Out!!
A great game if you like punch out. I cheated and looked at a FAQ for a few fights. Really easy game if you know how to counter each move. I might boot this up again soon, but its entirely skippable even if you are a punch out fan.
6. Portal 2
How can a game be this good and still over-hyped? The dialog and puzzles are clever and the gameplay is great. A must play for almost anyone, but temper your expectations below the "next coming of jesus" hype.
7. Heavy Rain
Got this to play/watch over the holidays with brothers. This is an example of a game that would have been much better suited if it was half as long. I would have been much better off if it were more like the Walking Dead in gameplay. I don't think I will pick this up again, especially after I read all the outcome combinations in a FAQ.
8. Brütal Legend
This game did not go the direction I thought it would when I started it. I loved the campaign. The RTS elements were neat, but I really wish it were 2 separate games, a hack-and-slash and an RTS. Rather than being both.

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Backlog confessions

I always have a massive back log. I buy things when they get really cheap and stick them on a shelf, thinking I will play them soon. But my ~6-8 hours a week for games does not out pace my spending habits. However, the tortoise eventually finishes the race and over the last few years I have played a lot of games. I keep a spreadsheet of my games and probably get too much satisfaction when I cross something off my list as finished. Now I have a giant list of games I can comment on plan to wade through my list and comment on all the games I played. At the very least it will help me remember what I liked and did not like.

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I started splosion' man after finishing halo 3 ODST.  Got to a part I was not passing after trying for 30 minutes and decided to take a break and play some Shadow Complex.  Haven't made it back to splosion' man, Shadow Complex has been awesome.  After beating it I definitely wanted to boot it up for another playthru.  Hats off to the people that made that game.


Halo 3 ODST Campaign = Excellent

I definitely went into this game with low expectations.  The consensus seems to be that Halo3 + Reach = good, and ODST was meh.  Honestly, I enjoyed the story and characters a lot more in ODST than Halo3.  Gameplay is essentially the same.  It had its annoyances: Backtracking to get ammo/guns, having to kill tanks without the right kind of weapons.

Loved the fact that I didn't have to fight any flood.   I find it much more entertaining fighting the convenant.  I kinda have a dislike for the game mechanic of  increaseing the difficulty toward the end of the game by replacing all the enemies with 'upgraded' or 'tougher' enemies.  Aka, the flood in Halo1, the elite guys in gears of war, etc.

All in all a good game and worth picking up on the cheap just for the single player experience.

Other games over the last 6 months

Sometimes it is hard to remember all the games I have played through over the last few months.

Gears of War 2
Modern Warfare 2
Mass Effect 2 (PC)
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
Force Unleashed (Wii) <--- not very good
Batman Arkham Asylum
Assassins's Creed II
Transformers: War for Cybertron
Metriod Other M

That is actually a pretty impressive list given the approximately 10 hours a week or so I play.  Looking forward to:

Brutal Legend
Halo 3
Halo 3: ODST
Shadow Complex
Splosion Man



I just finished Darksiders and I must say, the game is awesome.  I knew it was a Zelda homage going into it.  When comparing to Zelda, for my taste, I approve of easier puzzles and more sword play/weapons.  Was extremely impressed with the story.  I would definitely pick up a Darksiders 2 if it were to come, especially if it has co-op.  Nice job Vigil.


Whirlwind of games

Been plodding through some expansions, DLC and old Xbox games on my new Xbox.  Beat the following:
Borderlands General Knoxx
Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising 
Gears of War (finally!)
Dragon Age Origins: Awakening (start to finish with a new warden) 
On Deck:
New Super Mario Brothers 
Smash Brothers Subspace Emissary
Gears of War II
Mass Effect 2
Starcraft II Multiplayer
Ocarina of Time on Wii Virtual Console?


Starcraft II campaign done!

Been really finding a lot time lately to play games.  I was able to finish up the Starcraft II campaign last night and am now itching to try some online matches.  I was a competent RTS player in the day of WCII/WCIII, I hope I haven't lost all of it.


FFXIII completed

I finally completed FFXIII this weekend.  I didn't realize I was getting so close since I still hadn't unlocked the final crystarium.  Turns out you don't unlock it until after you beat the game.  I definitely dug the story of the game.  I also like how the "endgame" stuff was saved until after the boss fight.  In previous games leveling up and attempting endgame monsters before the final boss always left the final boss a complete cake walk.  It's nice to be forced to bring the game to a close before heading off to power-gaming zone.   However, the ending doesn't mesh well with the power-gaming zone, oh well.


Finally got an XBOX 360

I had decided to get an xbox about 6months to a year back, but was entertaining the rumor of a slim model.  Last week I actually bought the new model as my first xbox.  I borrowed some games from my brother to start off, still need to get a joystick for SSFIV.  I moved my SF platform off the PS3 just due to the amount of people playing on xbox vs ps3.  Currently started Gears of War, but I haven't had a chance to put in too many hours into it as I am in the middle of the epic FFXIII.

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