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For Xbox One.. without ? it would just be iant Bomb (it's a G)

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when the news first started to trickle out, i had the same 'this can't possibly be true' reaction.. then as the outpouring became more and more evident of the reality of the situation my eyes started to well up.. and it made me think, how could someone whom i have probably never been within 100 miles of, have THIS kind of effect on me.. then i realized just how often i hear his voice on a weekly basis.. ~3 hours of podcast.. ~3 hours of TNT/Unprofessional Fridays.. then quick looks.. that's as much if not more that i see of almost anyone that isn't a family member or someone i work with.. that's the beauty of this site, you are able to really understand the people and personalities behind Giant Bomb.. and Ryan was so lovable and funny that he will be incredibly missed.. loved the Harmonix stream as now is the time to celebrate his life..

all thoughts, prayers and positive vibes towards his wife, family and the whole Giant Bomb crew..

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i noticed a good jump in my KDR on MW2 whilst playing naked.. i can only assume that skill will translate seamlessly to Titanfall.. so absolutely..

Oh, i'm sorry.. where are manners.. my apologies..

OH HELL NO, i ain't buyin' no game $y$tem from Micro$oft..they only care about money and TVs

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All yesterday did was get me excited for both.. but neither made me feel like i had to go out and immediately pre-order a new console.. still a lot of time before holiday.. would probably lead more towards the xbox at this point since the games stood out more to me.. whereas the Used Games/Internet Connectivity doesn't affect me personally.. it was just cool to get the feeling that a new generation is upon us..

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The three emblems ive made so far.. the hot dog one, i really dont know why.. the cheese one is my apology for the total cheese mp7 class i use.. and wade duck, because.. wade duck..

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The Way the background looked, this was the first thing i thought of..
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Bastion :D

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Kung Lao.. more like.. KING Lao.. amirite?

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oh well, there's always mega man 2 to fall back on..