Post your Funny/Offensive/Obscene Black Ops 2 Emblems Here!

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Since the last one was immensely popular, why not make a new thread for the new game. Here's what I've cooked up so far

Attention, Attention, Important Announcement!

Stop taking poor quality mobile-phone pictures, there's a much easier way to get your emblem from Elite:

  1. Simply head to
  2. Find the tiny picture of your emblem next to the level and acquire it's URL. It will be something like:
  3. Change imgtype= to png and the size=40 to something more suitable, and voila! Full sized emblem:

Courtesy of Aishan

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The emblem creator seems to inferior to Black Ops 1. Yeah, you can add alot more layers, but they removed alot of shapes. Where are the ovals? I NEED OVALS and trying to combine the included shapes to make others never looks right.

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The return of a legendary thread!

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I loved this thread!

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Its not really funny or offensive, but i made this.

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@Phished0ne said:

Its not really funny or offensive, but i made this.

nice. too bad our team is fucked.... :/

@OP nice LS emblem.

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can't wait to see what people come up with this time

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When I Tweeted this thread KevinVanOrd of GameSpot demanded more wang from this community. Please don't disappoint:

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Alright, but it'll have to be a secret wang, which is coincidentally the name of my experimental alt-rock album.

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Surprisingly, looking through people's created emblems on ps3, i've only seen 1 wang-related one.

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I want to see a Community Greendale E Pluribus Anus flag.

And a swastika.

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A Swastika made of wants would be ideal...

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@CraigAA1028: You can distort the size/shape of any of the objects. If you click RS, then use the Stick, it stops keeping the scale relative to the original shape, so you can squash or stretch anything.

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Don't forget to bring a towel!

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For some reason this is the thread that made me cave and get the game.

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@Levianth said:


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Here's my try at the giant bomb logo. The camera on my phone really messed up the colors, the tongue should be red not yellowish orange.

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@Phatmac: it's BYOD.

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Let the dicks commence. Wait, that's not what I meant.

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@ShadowConqueror said:

Let the dicks commence. Wait, that's not what I meant.

Let the dicking commence? I spose' that sounds way worse..

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To the dicking shop!

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@Phatmac said:


My daily mantra.

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This thread is in immediate need of more dick!

Wait... that sounds wrong, cock!

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The communities unanimous vote for more dicks is far funnier than any dick emblem is going to be.

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There isn't a bone stamp, how am I to make my ax wielding Minotaur with drooping balls a la blops 1?

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@DoomGuitar: I knew it was just a matter of time before someone made a bomb that was so much better than mine. Nice work :D

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I call it the trinity of dicks. It represents unity between the races. Also, dicks.

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@Droop: That is beautiful, so beautiful it brings are tear to my eye. I salute you good sir! I salute you and all your dicks!

Oh and I like your use of hearts for balls, very clever *thumbs up*

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@Chaser324 said:

The return of a legendary thread!

My name is MB and I endorse this topic.

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It's not the full emblem, but it works. I'll work on the wings motif later.

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This is my emblem :)
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@Droop: The "Trinity of Dicks" seems like the perfect banner to fly in opposition of Xbox Live racism and homophobia.

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@SwizzleR: Awesome Delorean, duder!

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Is anyone else having trouble accessing the emblem creator? It just keeps loading.

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@Phatmac said:

Loading Video...
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Official Triforce Emblem.

It took several hours and several iterations as you can see in the image, but I finally got something that I am happy with. Original concept was 1 layer over the limit, but it was easily fixed by fudging something that will not be noticed. It can always improve, but it would all be nudging a few things here and there to get it too look absolutely symmetrical, which is tough with the controller. If only it had photoshop like controls.

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how do you get your emblem if your on a console?

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@living4theday258: I think the only way is to take a picture of the screen, with a phone or something.

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I made Buffalo Bell because she's cute! The yellow line along her face is something to do with taking pictures of the TV

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I'm on 360 and don't have an easy way to access it, this is the best picture I could find on Elite. It's a sweet Ultra ball.

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@Synaptic said:

@Phished0ne said:

Its not really funny or offensive, but i made this.

nice. too bad our team is fucked.... :/

@OP nice LS emblem.

Go Packers!(???)

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My emblem is a yellow USN (United States Navy) on blue background. For some reason, the letters are locked until you reach level 51, which is utterly insane, so I had to make the letters out of rectangles. It looks horrid, but hey, it works.

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First off I have to thank someone who posted a Decepticon symbol for the first Black Ops, I got a lot of use out of it.

Although for this one I just used an online reference to make it from scratch since the editor in this one is more robust.

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@billygoat117: Yeah I actually noticed that after my post. I don't think my mblem looks as good as BO1 still ,but it'll do

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