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I'm honestly surprised most about people assuming this is a direct sequel.

Because the moment I saw this trailer, my mind instantly went "OK, so Cloverfield isn't a monster movie, it's a franchise for JJ's off-brand series of Twilight Zone films."

I loved Cloverfield but I truly think this'll have nothing to do with that movie other than a similar tone/sci-fi ideas. And I love that idea.

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I was doing fairly well, right up until the final chapter. Then everything went to shit.

So Matt was the first real death. He fell off the cliff after killing a deer. That was a dumb choice made by me and the only casualty before the very end.

Ashley died checking a trap door for Jessica. That was an extremely dumb choice on my part, but it was a pretty fun bait and switch by the developers. Kudos.Josh was killed by Wendigo sister and although I was extremely tired at the end, I have no idea how he might have not died? Maybe I fell asleep for a second and missed a prompt? I don't know.Fucking Sam died because I couldn't hold the controller still during the last QTE.

It's interesting reading other people's experiences because it sounds like you guys had wildly different choices and encounters that led to deaths somewhere along the way. I'm real curious about playing this a second time.

Edit: One weird thing I've noticed is that sometimes the chapter names are different. The first time I played Chapter One (post prologue) it was called Memento Mori. I ended up restarting my game because I got distracted and missed some stuff but the second time I got to Chapter One it was called Friendship. It's really bizarre.

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Basically it's the song from the first 30 seconds of the following video. It doesn't appear to be on the released soundtrack and I'm wondering if the track has a name or has been released?

(Heads up, the video has spoilers from fairly early in the game onwards)

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10% of you duders have bad taste in gb content . Good to know ..

I think it's more that Dan Ryckert's unabashed Mario Party gluttony is what sells that feature. I can't imagine Vinny and Alex sat in a room playing that sort of game would hold the same sort of appeal.
Also dumb polls are fun but it's good to remember the part where they're dumb.

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True to form, I fell off of Hockey right around Christmas. Unfortunately t's pretty tough to keep up with that sport over here in the UK.

So, how crap were the Devils this season? I recall they started the pre-season remarkably strong and then just crumbled the moment that it mattered. I'm guessing that pretty much just continued, huh?

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I almost gave up on Alan Wake 2.
Then that slick motherfucker, Sam Lake, opened up to Polygon last month and now I'm all but 100% fucking sure that they're working on that game as we speak.
As. We. Speak.

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This is pretty much exactly how I felt about 24 hours ago.
What I'm saying is...maybe temper your expectations a little for Episode 3. I found myself a little let down (which is a shame, because it was, up to that point, easily my favourite game of the year so far)

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Started feeling recently as if I might be done with games, because I barely play anything anymore. In hindsight, I think it's just that the past year or so has been severely dry in terms of new games I want to play and having gone back to play some older stuff/finally buying Far Cry 4, I'm actually kinda bummed out now that my impending service training is going to be getting in the way of my gaming for at least 2 months.

As far as other people judging me...I've been judged on and called out for a hell of a lot worse than playing video games over the years so if that's the most childish thing I'm doing, I'm gonna go ahead and count that as a victory.

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Man, if I lived near woods like that, I'd fuck around in them with fake guns and cameras too.

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IIIIIIIIII...kinda think it's pretty baller.

But I like super hyper-visceral gothy shit, so I would.

Also, @alwaysbebombing, Joker's not mentally ill. Technically he's super sane and OH GOD, I BECAME THAT TYPE OF NERD!