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Longshot prediction:

Chloe has a weather-related super power and unleashes a tornado to destroy Arcadia at some point. As "evidence," Max flash-forwards to the tornado soon after Chloe says that sometimes she wants to blow Arcadia up (or something like that). Also, when Chloe starts comforting Max at the end it starts snowing, so the power is linked to her emotions.

My best guess is that they discover that someone has hurt or killed Amber, and Chloe summons a tornado because she is angry. Now Max has to go back and change stuff to prevent the tornado.

That does sound like a longshot, but I figured the snowing thing was a plot-reason for Chloe to believe Max. Massive storms are what happens when hot and cold cyclones clash, so when Chloe says that it's like 80 degrees and then it starts snowing literally seconds after Max has made a crazy prediction about an impending super storm, suddenly Chloe might be more inclined to listen to her crazy-weird time travel shit.

Also, I might be leaning on the scientific reasoning pretty heavily because I really don't like the idea of this particular story ending with Weather Girl vs Time Girl. I'm hoping the whole thing remains a little more low-key than all that.

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I also use 'hella' a whole bunch. And, fuck, I'm in my mid-twenties. Although, that does bring me nicely to my next point:

Yo, has anyone here actually talked to a teenager recently? They talk like fucking idiots. Trying to hold a real conversation with them is just about the clunkiest shit in the world and in my experience not too far off the mark from what this game portrayed. And that's why the game worked so well for hit the key nostalgia points of "Well, shit, I sounded just like that 7 years ago, pretension and all." that I get whenever I do talk to kids or younger cousins.

If anything the only piece of dialogue that really stood out to me is the fact that Max spent 3 hours cussing like a sailor (again, something teenagers do and that I definitely did) but towards the end, when faced with what looks like Armageddon all she could muster out was "Oh my Lord!". That was kinda weak but if that's my only complaint, I'm laughing.

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@nightriff: Yeah, it was pretty baller.

And then look up Kalman calling out Team GFB from PAX South,

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Dr. Tracksuit vs Killer Kalman?!

I am so torn about who I'm rooting for.

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This is shockingly not the worst thing in the world.

In fact it's quite the opposite.

@zombiepie, for your spotlighting consideration.

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@mrfluke said:

has to be an error, there's no way Ryckert misses the Pax Rumble.

Well, that's not strictly true. After all, he missed the first one.

Also, there's no Pax Rumble this year. Motherfucking PAXMANIA, son!

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Man, I love this series. Keep it up.

The Miz is a tonne of fun. Such a snarky asshole and his dynamic with Damien is fanfuckingtastic. I think the only person approaching his level of doucharm is Rollins right now (who is also really good at being total prick).

Rusev is a beast and I almost always find myself cheering him on.

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I hear that life advice show, Danswers, from your friends at Giant Bomb is a pretty good listen.

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It's a total goddamn mess....
It is very pretty, the action is fairly well done and I generally enjoyed it.

Like Speed Racer, and the best parts of the Matrix sequels, it's kinda more proof that the Wachowski's are in the wrong medium. If they were making anime or video-games, I think they'd create incredible stuff.

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I have not seen: Cars 2, Brave, Monsters University

11.Ratatouille -- My then girlfriend and I came out of this movie, utterly befuddled by all the hype. I just generally hated it.

10. Cars -- It's straight up for kids, I mostly don't have an opinion.

9. A Bugs Life -- I've not seen this movie in so long that I don't remember much about it. Probably deserves another shot.

8. Toy Story 3 -- I feel like people only love Toy Story 3 because they thought it was the last one. It's okay, but not much more.

7. WALL-E -- The first hour is astonishing. Should have ended with robo-suicide, though. I don't care if you're a kids film, fucking follow through!

6. Up -- I quite enjoy Up but I don't know if I'll ever watch it again.

5. Toy Story -- Everyone likes Toy Story

4. Finding Nemo -- I've not seen this in forever but I remember really digging it.

3. The Incredibles -- I don't think there's anything I don't love about The Incredibles.

2. Toy Story 2 -- I find the themes of choosing whether or not to abandon friends way more impactful than dealing with being abandoned. This is why I think Toy Story 2 is clearly way better than TS3.

1. Monster's Inc -- John Goodman and that climactic set piece with the doors? Best kids film ever.