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IIIIIIIIII...kinda think it's pretty baller.

But I like super hyper-visceral gothy shit, so I would.

Also, @alwaysbebombing, Joker's not mentally ill. Technically he's super sane and OH GOD, I BECAME THAT TYPE OF NERD!

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One question:
How do I purchase this and wrap it around my life?

Seriously, it's pretty flash. Cool work, duder.

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Has nobody seriously said Die Hard yet?!

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That baseball character from this week's bombcast Ads.

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To everyone in here who has noticed these things and thinks it's fun? Good on you.
To everyone in here who has noticed these things and is passing judgement? ...let's just say that I'm glad I don't live like you do.

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$132.63 Million

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That wasn't bad. It was pretty tough to get a handle on entirely out of context from the rest of the short film, but it seems well produced.

Any way to see the short film itself, or is that still forthcoming. I've gotta admit, as a writer I'm intrigued as to what the film itself would be that this scene was once included at all and eventually cut.

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Yeah, Warren isn't a bad guy. I think what @d_w said applies, he reminds me of myself at a certain time and fuuuuuck that, although I was probably 14 rather than 18 at the time. I'm glad there's no 17/18 year old me in this game because I was the fucking worst person in the world at that age. (well, maybe not the worst, but I was a fucking asshole none the less and could do without any reminders of that time in my life)

The Doe seems like a total spirit animal/patronus sort of deal and I kinda just accepted it as such. As far as weird shit going on with Max right now, that's fairly innocuous so I've just been kinda rolling with it. Although if in a future episode she comes to that realisation and is all "Oh, so THAT'S what it was!", I'll probably facepalm pretty hard.

I fucked up that train signal pretty good, with the wheel. I had the wire cutters as well but I thought the wheel was just going to budge the signal-stick thing. I didn't know it was going to demolish *everything*. Any chances that in the next episode we see a tremendous train crash and it's all my fault?

I didn't react too strongly to Chloe having a gun. She's a bit too cavalier with it but coming from England I kinda have it in my head that all Americans are way more comfortable with guns than I am. And if I was in Max's shoes, I don't think I would freak out about it, I'd just voice my concerns and if my friend waved it in my general direction, I'd tell them to stop being a dick.

I am also onboard with three dimensional characters. I think they still have a little work to do with getting me to not fucking despise Nathan, but we'll see where things go.

Also, new question: So Rachel's dead, right? I had some reservations but seeing how, again, they surprised me by showing a teenage girl kill herself on campus, I can't imagine Rachel comes out of this in any sort of good shape. By which I mean alive.

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@s80007: I blamed Nathan. Because Fuck that guy.
I still get the impression that although he's kind of a pretentious moron, Jefferson has the kids interests at heart. And although Marsden is a prick, I had a short conversation with him in the school corridor where he made it seem like he was looking out for everyone and he came across as kind of not a bad guy.
Hell yes, I shot Frank. And I'm pretty sure that was the right decision in the end, both narratively and mechanically (my mentality was, if this goes bad, just rewind time and try again, although the end of the episode showed that won't always be a viable option)

@estel: I can't quite remember if the files were David's but if that's already been revealed, they were framed weirdly at the end of this episode, as if it was still to be hidden.

@yi_orange: I kinda agree about Warren. They're playing him as the 'aloof nerdy "you can't hate this kid!"' card so hard that it's backfiring and I cringe whenever he comes up. And Veronica Mars is a really fun comparison to draw that I hadn't considered.

Does anyone have any theories as to why Veronica was crying at the end of this episode? In my first save (Kate died) I saw it as something of a chink in her armour, something to show that she isn't all bad. Hell, I thought the same thing about the look on Nathan's face there too.
In the save where Kate makes it seem like there's something a whole lot more nefarious going on and they're both starting to lose grasp of whatever threads have been holding their facade together.

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Okay, so two topics:

1. Big one first: Who saved Kate? I didn't at first and I was kinda surprised that the game was willing to show a school suicide. I went back and replayed that chapter to save her and everything went almost identically, save for reference to Kate attempting to kill herself rather than succeeding and a brief glimpse of her in hospital, but I'm pretty curious how much presence she'll have in future episodes for survival saves. Either way, I've now got two saves to keep an eye in the future. I've committed to her suicide for primary gameplay, but have to admit that the way some characters reacted make me feel like she was supposed to survive. Like, as much as a dick as Nathan is, he was still waaaaay too cavalier considering a girl just killed herself.

2. Who do you think has those files on the girls? I doubt it's RV dude because he doesn't seem like a guy with an office space to compile that sort of stuff. I'm really hoping it doesn't turn out to be weird old Samuel because that would feel like a really silly bait and switch.

What do you guys think? Anything else stand out this episode for you?