GOTY 2001: Retrospective

I've been playing games as far back as I can remember. A part of me would argue that I started playing games seriously when I was around about 8 years old, but in attempting to put together a list of ten games for each year it wasn't until 2001 that I can happily sit here and say: "These are my favourite ten games of the year!"
With all that in mind, it's worth bearing in mind that not all these games are great. In 2001 I turned 11 years old and I haven't played most of these games in years. A lot of this exercise is based entirely on how much I enjoyed playing a given game way back in the day and so for some of these entries, I'll not even attempt to justify my choices. But, hey...I think that's half the fun.

For those wondering, here are the following years up until the present (Unless I ever fall behind in the future):
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