The Turbies: GOTY 2013

aka: Here's 10 games that I managed to play this year.

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Posted by Brodehouse

Zeb freaking out makes an awesome list background.

Your Big Three O' 2013 is in opposite order to mine. I got into the open world and emergent/procedural gameplay enjoyment in GTA5 more than I have any open world game since Oblivion or San Andreas. A lot of people are having the reaction to GTA5 that I had to Skyrim, where I think some of the missions have their moments, but the open world seems bland and samey to me.

And I think Game Dev Tycoon might sneak into my top ten even though I maybe don't want it to. I just enjoyed making my Cyberpunk RPG franchise Future Imperfect, even when we tried porting it to the Oasis and it almost sunk the company.

Posted by vikingdeath1

glad to see Someone played Ni No Kuni.