Summer of Arcade, L.A. Noire, Fallout, Random Thoughts

Oh hello everyone, it's been quite awhile since i've posted. Mainly because of work this summer, which has allowed me to purchase several new games which brings me to my next point... 

Summer of Arcade

This year's Summer of Arcade had proven to be a very captivating one for me. I'm currently working my way through Bastion and From Dust. I love the feel of Bastion, and feel as though it provides the perfect amount of challenge within. I also enjoy the way they deliver the story to the player, hopefully other Game Developers take this to heart and consider Bastion's, and other, new ideas for story. To be rather blunt, I feel as though the way we experience a Game's story has changed much in the last few years, although it could be the game's I have been playing as of late, feel free to prove me wrong. I very much enjoy the world shaping aspect of From Dust, but it's failed to keep me entertained, i played several of the missions and quickly lost interest. This is absolutely not a harp on the game, it's more of a statement of my personal tastes than anything. Other than SoA, i've also been playing another game i picked up: 

L.A. Noire

I recently beat the homicide desk in about 3 seating of playing, and haven't gone back to it for a few days. This game is an astoundingly beautiful game, but I won't stress this fact as i feel that it has been beaten to death already. The gameplay itself can be rather tedious at times, and i find myself getting angry and restarting when i miss a clue or get something wrong in an investigation. This may sound odd, it's simply because Story in games is one of my most important aspects, I play through a game as one would read through a book, or watch a movie. The interactivity does captivate me much more than other types of media, which is why i play games more than i watch movies or read novels. I have this inner desire to experience the story as the "Good Guy". I guess that says more about me personally, but whether it's at the cost of Harder gameplay, Fiscal loss or any other point for that matter, doing the "Evil" action just feels wrong to me. This is very apparent in multiple path games such as: 

Fallout 3/ New Vegas

I recently bought all of the DLC, except for Dead Money, for New Vegas and am eagerly awaiting Lonesome Road. I am very interested in how they bring the storyline with Ulysses to an end, and the story behind the two couriers interaction. I enjoyed the New Vegas DLC so much that i went back and bought Point Lookout, The Pitt and Broken Steel for Fallout 3. I play Oblivion and Fallout style games almost religiously, with over a seventy hours played in one character in Fallout 3 before jumping into the DLC. Having not played the game for over a year, it was a nice surprise to see 113 Stimpacks and numerous other great items on my character. I extremely enjoy Bethesda Style RPG's, and would love to here about similar, less known ones. Feel free to reply with any comments or anything you'd like to ask

A recent feat of questionable achievement

Hello all, I just wanted to share with everyone that i'm about to reach the point where i have spent over 500 hours playing Skate 2 and 3. This means that i have spent close to 21 days playing this series, i was just wondering what everyone's input was on how often people play certain games, and what games everyone else has put an insane amount of time into that others may write off. Cheers everyone


Black Ops Zombie Team

Okay, like many of you out there, i have recently begun to very much enjoy playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops. However, it's not the traditional Team Deathmatch style game that I like. It's the zombies mode. Much to the opposite of Jeff, I very much enjoy it. However, none of my friends are really into it and random Xbox live games are horrible, as you would expect. So, i'm looking for a few people to get together a team to play. I'm not very good but i'm willing to learn anything you would like me to. Feel free to shoot my a friend request


The APB issue

*sigh* really? APB? Someone is deciding to buy up APB and keep it running? This seems incredibly ludicrous to me. I'm not simply harping on the game, as I am sure there is someone out there who likes it, but there just does not seem to be a logical business reason behind it. APB has once again proven that most of the so-called Shooter MMO's coming out lately do not make money, and have often led to the game being sold off or the company going under.
When I read this, I thought it was a stupid mistake for someone to do. I still think that, but it got me thinking. Can someone make a Good Shooter MMO? So far, the one's that have come out as of late have been mediocre at best. The problem that they face is that they are not actual MMO's, as everyone tells you, they lack the Massive quality that makes them so. I do not see what would be so difficult about having a first-person or third-person MMO in which you shoot Mobs and players, collect money and loot to buy and craft your guns, and take on missions or quests. I don't see the reason that a company has not done this as of yet. Instead they've opted to try instance-based fighting arena's that have been proven not to work. I remember seeing a trailer for the Shooter MMO that is being developed by the creators of EVE: Dust-514. From what i could see. they seemed to have a better idea of what to do with a Shooter MMO to make it work. Of course, it was just a trailer and how you feel about it is entirely subjective, but i appreciate that they are attempting to make something better than the others.
Do you have an idea of a company you feel could make a truly good Shooter MMO? Have an idea of one you wish to share? Feel free to reply 


The replayability of games

Today during my english class, i zoned out as i usually do. Today my mind wandering to a topic that i had been thinking about earlier: how replayable certain ames being released are. Fallout 3 and Oblivion are two obvious examples of such games. Open world games where you create your own character, these are incredibly replayable for the simple fact that many things can happen differently every time. Dragon Age Origins is another favourite of mine which is rapidly reaching 150 hours played on my third playthrough. This is most likely much higher than most peoples time spent in the game, however, this leads me to my next point. We all have those games that we will play constantly over and over again simply because we love it, where other people may think differently. An example for me would be the Skate. Franchise. I currently sit at near 50 hours played in Skate 2, and nearly 60 played in Skate 3. I am more inclined to play these types of games because i am a skateboarder in real life. We all have influences to our game decisions and which games we will spend the most time in. 
I sometimes wonder if the amount of replayability in games could have an adverse effect on the games industry though. Because i have spent so much time in these games, i am far less inclined to go out and purchase one of the newer games that peaks my interest. If games continue to increase the amount of replayability in them, good it have a significant affect on the rest of the games industry?
If you have any input or would like to share some games that you've spent a large amount of time in that others may not have, feel free to reply :)


Starcraft 2 online

okay, I would just like to state my opinion on the starcraft 2 online here. It is actually a very interesting, evolving culture that is advancing every day. I tried o get into the ranked matches and i just couldn't keep up, it's ridiculous how much you have to dedicate yourself to the game to be even mediocore at it. Also, the creativity that is coming out of the Custom game scene is amazing. Some of the ideas people are coming up with are absolutely astounding.