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For anyone that cares please check out PlayStationLifeStyle.net - A great site where you can discuss everything Sony, catch up on the news, consult trophy guides if you're stuck on a certain game and need help, as well as reading reviews on PS3 and PSP games. I am also part of the news team.

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I wouldn't quite call myself a sony-phile lol but I'll check it out.

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Ha ha. I love that the first advert I seen is for a Wii exclusive title, that's pretty funny you have to admit. Any reviews or specific content of yours I should look for?

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Heh, that is pretty funny. 
I've written three stories so far but they've only published two of them. 
The first one I did was on the extremely rare Uncharted 2 collector's edition and how you can have a chance to win one: http://playstationlifestyle.net/2009/10/10/uncharted-2-fortune-hunter-edition-could-be-yours/
And the next was about a recent billboard sighting for the next rumored Resistance game:
And my third story hasn't been published yet. I literally just started like a day ago so I'm pretty happy.
Thanks for taking a look =)