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@undeadpool: Woah, thanks for the scoops! I played more Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare than I should have as well, though don't recall what you're talking about. Will have to check out some Youtube gameplay videos.

The stage starts with a city rampage, then you get shrunk down for part 2. It's a very, VERY bad game that I go back to every few years for some reason...

Got all the way up to B+ once...

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That monkey in Crazy Climber looks and acts a lot like the guerrilla in Rampage.

That entire game is ripped off in The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare. The second half the "Bartzilla" dream is basically a short version of this, complete with "Marge-mothra" flybys and Homer Kong at the end...

I played waaaaaaaaaaay more of that game than I should have...

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"HIS FACE SUCKS!" That is my new favorite Jeff line, ever.

Anytime Jeff goes above a certain decibel level, it's a great time.

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Thank you, Matt Rorie, for going so hard on explaining Silver Surfer.

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Should we start hating on them now?

Patrick is the greatest thing that's ever happened to Giant Bomb, just as Alex before him, and who the HELL do these UPSTARTS THINK THEY ARE?!?!?!

I cannot WAIT for their first Quick Look and forum threads about how "the site's just NOT the same since those new guys came on."

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I'd like to thank Patrick for pointing out something that I noticed and want to expound upon: a lot of the people who delight in the Giant Bomb Sportsman Quick Looks are often the same ones decrying how shabbily they treat Dynasty Warriors AND vice-versa.

It's two riffs on the SAME THING: they don't know how to play the game and THAT'S what's funny. There's a certain segment of the audience that only gets mad when it's something THEY care about, and can't understand why others are mad when it's something they don't.

See also: endless iteration on Call of Duty being derided, but OH MY GOD THEY CHANGED THIS TINY THING ON A GAME I CARE ABOUT AND RUIIIIIIIIIIIIINED IT!!!

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Lots of people making light of a parent accidentally killing their child. That's kind of...weird. And awkward.

Anyway, it's great that the game development is at the point where a game like this has a chance of seeing the light of day. Even though I do see myself seeking the game out, I wish the best of luck to Simon Karlsson and the rest of the team.

It's the internet. Where ELSE are people going to prove how nothing gets to them and how edgy they are (and they don't care WHO they offend!)

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That's an intense staredown in the preview image.

It's no Menchi Beam.

So very BANCHO.

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The fact that this upgrade gives you the 4 Arcade Edition characters is further reason I'm glad I didn't invest in that expansion...

Also: people inserting their own narratives into these Quick Looks will NEVER get old.

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I dunno what's worse....Capcom keeps doing this shit. Or gamers are so fucking stupid they give them reason too

Yeah, fuck Capcom for releasing a $15 upgrade that freshens it up the game for the people who really enjoy it. Are you mad that Blizzard is releasing another WoW expansion as well? It's not for you, and that's ok, no reason to be a dick about it and call people fucking stupid.

Dude! DUDE! $15 for 5 characters? That's like THREE DOLLARS per character!

I mean seriously, when're they just gonna release Street Fighter V for a full $60 and set everything back to ZERO already?!