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Just pointing out that if you live in the United States even using Daemon for fair use purposes is probably a violation of the DMCA as it circumvents copy protections.  But I like Daemon better.

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He starts out really annoying and becomes mildly likeable.  I actually find him less annoying than a lot of other male leads in FF. 

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Well, where they went was they were sacrificed before the alter of budget cuts.  Like What do i do?  I dunno there's only like one or two genres where i  really want a paper manual.  Sure wargames, Simulators and very technical RPGs and those just don't come out often enough for me to worry about it if i have to scan a PDF. 

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I travel a lot so i'm tied to a laptop and can't afford a beast of one. 

I've got an HP pavillion dv 6k series with a intel core 2 processor @ 1.6ghz
2 gigs of system ram and an 8400 gs M with 256 megs of video ram. 
and a 120 gig hard drive.

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I'm not really sure.  I know it wasn't GTA which just started to get tedious for me after a while.  I'm torn between Ninja gaiden 2, Burnout Paradise and Devil May cry 4.    I mean sure these games didn't like try to advance the medium or something but I had a hell of a lot of fun with all 3. 

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SonicFire said:
"Ok, question for the PC fanboys... looking at the slate of games, how much $$$ would it cost to get into this next generation of PC games? We've already seen crisis and AOC tear through machines... so will this next batch have a $2000+ price tag for those in need of a new PC?"
You know, if you really take a look at what's going on in PC gaming people aren't pushing the envelope that much further.  I mean I still haven't seen any games that are as demanding as Crysis in the pipe.  If you spend say 1200 dollars on a laptop or 800 or less on a desktop you should really be in good. 

The one caveat there is you've got to do your research and figure out what's the deal.  You can't expect to just walk into Bestbuy or logon to and have them point you to a perfect mix of power and price. 
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Neutral because i own a DS, Wii, PC, 360 and play games on all of them.  I don't own a PS3, was waiting on Final Fantasy but yeah. 

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I have an absolute raging game boner for Dragon Age Origins.  I was really tepid on that teaser trailer that looked like Lord of the Rings but when i actually started seeing what the gameplay was like I was totally  into it.  I just hope it'll run on my laptop. 

Also I think Battlefield Heroes and Quake Zero look like awesome free games.  I hope because they're free there might be a broader range of talents in there than the people who are still playing Q3:Arena or BF2 who are all god damned ninjas. 

And then there's this game i like to play Maybe you've heard of it called world of Warcraft.  I hear there's an expansion coming out which might do some bussiness.  I'm so looking forward to getting my rogue on in Northrend as the new Assasination talents look pretty rad for raiding.  And thank goodness for a 10 man raid track.  I like my guild but we're really getting cockblocked by trying to get enough people to do SSC and I don't want to leave my friends. 

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 Hobbies said:

"Ah, ok. That doesn't sound bad at all. Hopefully I'll be able to find both KOTORs for cheap somewhere, or at least for rent.
I wouldn't bother with the second one unless you go bananas enjoying the first one.  Lucas Arts pushed it out so severely unfinished that it is a much lesser game and deeply flawed.  I did ultimately enjoy it but it's a very qualified recommendation by comparison to the first game which was just amazing and remains that way on subsequent playthroughs.
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I'd highly reccomend KOTOR to anyone as it's just fantastic. 

Technically speaking it is turn based.  However those turns are seemless and there's no stop in the action in between those turns unless you set up the auto pause to create a break in the action for something.  You can pause and issue orders at any time, otherwise the turns run by as if it were taking place in Real time.

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