Pages I wish I could make, but for whatever reason, can't.

I think the title explained everything I need to explain: I want to make these pages, but can't. Maybe it'd be deleted immediately, or get a long thread in Delete/Combine ending with mraccoon deleting it, or hell, there may be no basis for these pages. Whatever. It'd still be awesome if these became actual concepts on the site, but it's not gonna happen.

It may not be a lot, but I'll add more over time, assuming that I become more involved in the wiki.

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Posted by StarFoxA

Number 4 exists as "Aggressive Door Opening." Maybe not the same exact thing, but I think it covers your concept as well.

Posted by Video_Game_King
That's not enough. It must also include shooting people in slow motion. That reminds me of how much Goldeneye loved that set piece. I think there are more slow-mo-door-opening/shooting sequences (again, the name) in the game than there are Russians.
Posted by Musou
@Video_Game_King: Perhaps you could name the Slow Motion concept as Slow Motion Break-in or something like that, I think it makes sense...