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Ever since I watched Patrick and Drew's trip to Iceland I have wanted to go there and experience it myself. I recently decided I needed to travel so I decided that me and a few friends are going to Iceland in December and I was wondering if there are any tips from those in Iceland about what I should wear and where I should go in Iceland and also if I could meet up with fellow bombers in Iceland.



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I still can't believe this. I spent a whole day reading tweets and articles about how everyone felt about Ryan but I am still in shock and refuse to believe it. RIP Ryan Davis.

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Why can`t we have both of you guys? Best of luck Dave, hope you have fun playing more obscure games and coming back to tell us about them

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Jeff Gerstmann rant made me laugh so hard I am constantly watching and hoping there is a video feature where Jeff just yells about killing dudes who mess with him.

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@cclemon36: Thanks for the comment. I would love to see them do something like that for NHL and just give the team more time to work on the title and actually something significant when it comes to new features and game mechanics. Who knows maybe EA will be met by the ghost of Christmas past and then realize they should just give NHL games for free =).

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It has been 5 years since I started playing EA's NHL franchise where I started with NHL 07. The unique thing about NHL 07 was that it was introducing something that hockey games hadn't done in what the called the skill stick. Before, hockey games only used a button to shoot and a button to deke. With the skill stick players were now given full control of their players stick which to someone who watched hockey seemed like an amazing revelation. Fast forward 5 years and NHL 13 showcases their new skating engine while 2K's hockey series is now non-existent leaving EA to be the sole provider of hockey simulation games. The thing about NHL 07 that drew me to start playing the EA series was that innovated gameplay mechanic that was driven by them wanting to one up 2k in the hockey simulation genre. My problem with the current state of hockey simulation games and sports games in general, is that innovation has been repressed thanks to a lack of competition.

I hate to play the NHL games because of the fact that I am just feeding a cashcow for EA where they just take my money and don't provide me with something that is new but simply just add some tweaks and innovations that could have been all included last years addition but because of the fact that the game has to be annualized, they hold back those features for future titles. On the other hand these games are not terrible, they are still pretty good. They are a solid game that delivers what I want from a hockey game on a base level. Small complaints aside, these games are overall good. But imagine what they could achieve if they didn't have to release a new one each year but possibly every 2 years where the middle year would receive a patch that could update rosters and tweak game play bugs and stuff. If they wanted to make money from it they could even charge a fee for those updates if they really wanted to.

No matter what I say they will continue to release a new NHL game every year because I will still pay them. What needs to happen is for another company to come in with the a product that challenges the NHL games. It doesn't have to be specifically using the NHL players but it could be nameless players with gameplay that is better than what EA's games offer. I debate with myself every year if I should stop buying these games but in the end I do. I guess really the only person I have to blame is myself.

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I think this is cool if hes actually interested which is up for debate but if he puts effort in then COD will sound great. Like alot of people I hope that COD BO 2 does something different and deviates from the standard COD offering because this one at least on the surface level seems different enough.

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As a marketer I understand why they do it but it becomes so trivial and pushy when so many shows do it for no reason. Its starting to scare me when people so it out loud to me. That is really the part where hashtags have gone too far.

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I usually only turn on the subtitles but turn them off if i find im being less engaged with the story and find myself just skipping dialogue because i'm reading it too fast. Sometimes games just have low volumes of dialogue but high music and stuff so i have to use subtitles then.

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My biggest issue with them having worked for them for a year is the preorder bonuses and the type of people that work there. Preorder bonuses are just awful in general and make me have to buy from 3 different stores to get 3 different types of in game items is just frustrating and annoying. The other thing that made some gamestops suck was that the people that worked in their were just stuck up people who think they know whats best for you and always push warranties on you to boost their sales. There are always some group of people that actually want to give you what you want and just enjoy helping people but theres far too many bad employees.