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OP doesn't know the difference between a stock and a bond. Good job, your post is bad.

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@LordAndrew:  Oh man.  It's on the Nintendo page.  I had no idea about this.
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I finally put together enough points to get these Hanafuda cards. I think its pretty cool that Nintendo acknowledges their history this way.


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Happy to hear that someone thinks of Splinter Cell and Alan Wake so favorably.  I really enjoyed these games when they came out.  Splinter Cell and Alan Wake were engaging, in both design and story, but didn't overstay their welcome by being too long.

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@Shadow:  Did you end up getting the DLC when it was on sale?  I think its pretty solid but nobody is playing it anymore.  I played all the co-op parts week one of release with a friend.  I don't have anyone to play the DLC with, and I imagine anyone who purchases it may run into the same problem.  It is difficult to recommend for this reason.
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I couldn't get into a good game.  When I played just a bit ago.  Player count was very low, and I didn't hit the new maps.  I think a lot of people haven't installed the patch because its huge.

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Loading times in GT5 are brutal.   They should have taken more time for development.

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PSN ID: Vkramac

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Slaughterhouse Five or Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.  Really easy reads and really great books.

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It makes no sense for any shooter that models it's guns after real guns to use fake names .   I found it really annoying in the early going picking up and discarding guns just to identify them.

Eurocom can use the proper name for the P99.  Other Activision titles use real gun names.  It's hard to imagine that a publisher would license the rights to use a manufacturer's gun likeness and name on a per title basis?  Is this actually how it is done?  Does Blood Stone use fake gun names?

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