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One Worthy of the Heavens 0

Heavenly Sword is a PS3 exclusive released in 2007. It looks Amazing, it plays great and the story is superb. This game has gotten mixed reviews and I am here to set the score straight.Graphics: To start of the review, let me just say that this games graphics in both the cutscenes and in the actual gameplay itself are so good that I often found myself forgetting to attack because I was looking at the scenery. For 2007 this game is mind blowing, for 2008 it is stunning, for 2009 its superb and so...

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Massive Game with Effective Story Telling 0

So Mass Effect has arrived and I am delighted to say that the master of Western RPG's as well as story telling in games has just been declared.This game is immense, immersive and impeccable in every way. Commander Shepard is that hero we have always wanted to be, whether you are a alien and human and synthetic and everything loving paragon or a shoot first and never ask question renegade Mass Effect is the game for you! (Even if you're the kinda good kinda bad Han Solo of video games).Graphics: ...

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Darth Malak Would be Jealous 0

So Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is in my top 5 best games of all time and will most likely stay there for a while. I played this game to death back in 2003 and I play it to death now in 2012. So yes, this review is a little late but I'm lazy and am just starting to care about writing as of now so there you have it.Friendly reminder, this game was made in 2003. So the graphics are dated but this review is late so I can't complain. KotOR is by far a great RPG and one of Bioware's finest c...

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Jumper: The Achievement Whores Gold Mine 0

So Jumper: Griffin's Story is, and I mean it, the single worst game that I have EVER played let alone set the time to beat it (1 hour at most) and collect every achievement (maybe 2 hours).This game is terrible for many reasons. First off, it took me a whopping 1 full hour to play from start to finish. Let me remind you that this game was on shelves for 60 DOLLARS at one point in time. Sure I purchased it for 2 when the local Game Crazy went out of business but still! I want my 2 dollars back.In...

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This game is a little lost.... 0

So Lost: Via Domus is the game version of the popular TV series, Lost. I doubt that I am the first to say that... well it's a TV series so I didn't have high hopes even though I loved the show but nonetheless I bought it, still own it and still play it. So lets get down to the review.Lost: Via Domus takes place during the first two seasons of the show which seems to be a nice idea because it came out around the time of the 3rd season. You'd think that it would be awesome to play as Jack, Kate, S...

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