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@XNaphryz: Exactly! I think people, especially critics need to understand that it's not about the happy ending, or to "save the princess". I prefer sad and more realist endings. What a lot of people in the entertainment industry need to understand about fans is that what will really want in a game and story like this is closure and to know that what we did, even if we die in the game. We need to know what companions lived and died. We need to have an epilogue and mass effect 3 had no epilogue. No closure. That's the problem here, not the sad ending but the lack of a true ending that tells us what happens next.

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Garrus was invisible for a good 5 hours of my game. Very..interesting conversations when he was there but he wasn't there.

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Theres never too much room for some dragon age, never stop playing.  EVER. I still play KotOR.

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I dont really know to be honest. DA2 is very different from the first so much that i can't really compare the two. The artwork is very interesting and I'm not sure if i like it better or not. Overall i think it was a good idea to update everything to a more modern standard. I feel like Origins was a  nostalgic  throwback in a very good way but the series probably is better off with a newer model. Overall win but I'm more skeptical of the game than I was before.

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Well what I've notice for Bioware games, KOTOR for sure is that there is a point in the story arch that you need to get past to actually start loving the game, I LOVE Bioware games but these are huge points that most people need to get past before the actually start to enjoy the experience. For KOTOR it's getting of Taris, KOTOR 2 is Peragus (GOD I HATED IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!) as well as Telos, For Mass Effect it's getting for the damned citadel and Mass effect 2 is completing Horizon. What I found for Origins is that you need to get past Ostagar to really enjoy it.
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I agree, Dragon Age IS MOST stupendous 

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yeah, im pretty sure origins was in the title because that was the game where you developed your character, hence the name origins 

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i agree, though i LOVE bioware's characters they can be a bit predictable, though jack, alistair, shale and mission from knights of the old republic were all pure genius i would like to see some more characters the don't necessarily fit with the story but somehow mend well.

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I got em all but stone prisoner is the best. My vote is just get stone prisoner and then get the expansion. I really enjoyed the expantion.

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They just aren't your type of games. Bioware games are VERY story driven and you have to except that its not all kill kill kill explosion like modern warfare of Fallout. It takes time and if you can't put in the time then don't try

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