Departure time Dr. Freeman

I just finished Half Life 2 again. The main reason being that steam added achievements, but any excuse to play this gem again is a good one. 
It's such an amazing ride, even after years of technological advances.
Here's to hoping Episode 3 releases before 2020.


It's New Vegas!

Steam is now accepting pre-orders on Fallout New Vegas!
They are offering the "caravan package" for pre-orders which includes some helpful in game items.
Steam also has the GOTY editions of there older games on sale for ridiculously low prices!


Steam Strategy

Just hoped on Steam, surfin' for sales.
Couldn't help but notice that they're now selling strategy guides for $9.99 a piece. 
Just wondering, would anyone pay for a virtual strategy guide? 
I feel like half the reason you buy one is for the collection factor. Anyone?


Deadly Premonition TGS trailer 07'
I'm happy they didn't stick with "David."
Just finished the game today and I must say, it was says Mr. Stewart.
Oh, and anyone try one of those turkey, cereal, and strawberry jam sandwiches? 

The fuuuuussee

I just looked at Gamespot and noticed that they are implementing Giant Bombs achievement system.
They labeled it Gamespot "Fuse."
It left a bad taste in my mouth. Ewwww stale Gamespot.....


The deadliest shadow

I put in Thief: Deadly Shadows the other day.
That game is awesome.
I really hope they give details on Thief 4 soon, but I doubt it due to Deus Ex being in the spotlight.


Hat's off to the Plastic Beach

The new Gorillaz album is superb.
I have an unusual attraction to "To Binge" and "Empire Ants." "Super Fast Jellyfish" is great also - I assume it'll be the most well received. 
I encourage everyone who's anyone to check it out. Great music, great vibe.
May sound obvious do to the albums underwater sound, but the atmosphere it brings reminds me of the time I spent in Rapture.


Some Splinter Cell Yo

Today I popped in Splinter Cell: Double Agent to play some Spies Vs. Merc.
That multiplayer is fantastic. Never got into it when the game released because of the difficulty, but after a few hours I'm way into it.
Doubt anyone's interested, but I could totally use a Co-op buddy for some challenges. Gamer Tag is VoshiNova.
With Conviction right around the corner I suppose this is the perfect time.


The Borderlands Category

Borderlands was such a fantastic experience that I feel as though it should win an award.
I just got done with the zombie island dlc and ended up making a new character. This game is so ridiculously fun that I feel it needs a category of it's own.
Maybe the "Most Fun Game" award, but this makes me wonder if it has a chance at game of the year.....
 With Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, and Assassins Creed 2 (just to name a few) - I'm saddened by the fact that Borderlands may not be recognized for it's accomplishments. Hopefully Giant Bomb will award it for it's unique approach at the fps genre.
Most Creative Art Style?


The deed is done!

So in celebration of Assassins Creed 2 I decided I'd pop in the first and get the almighty S-Rank, plus I could use a quick refreshment of the fantastic story.
Little did I know that in order to receive such a rank, one must collect a ridiculous amount of flags.
Now, late on a Monday night, I can officially exclaim my happiness of completing a game that came out quite some time ago. 
Collecting those flags was such a bitch that I'd like to make a club. Maybe like a, "Badass Flag Collectors" club or something.....