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@rorie I'll just agree with everyone else in saying that the whole "only new subscribers" deal kind of sucks. I bought two full years back during the 2012 BBLSL and I'm due for renewal, but at full price I'm either going to have to go monthly or just cancel altogether until another deal rolls around. The store voucher isn't worth much when the last two shirts I bought are practically falling apart after being worn only a few times.

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There's a ton of evidence pointing to there being at least two "Big Boss" figures in the game, in the sense that Punished Snake and Venom Snake are actually different characters, with only one (or even neither) being THE Big Boss we played as in 3 and PW. If if that isn't the case, there's still the distinct possibility of a Hayder-voiced Solid Snake being in the game somewhere, if only in a quick after-credits scene.

Any other developer and this would all be crazy conspiracy shit, but with Kojima, who knows.

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I thought they were fine, stupid movies that were good for what they were but not great.

And then Fast 5 came out, and was basically the greatest thing ever.

But then 6 came out, and it was the greatest thing ever plus a goddamn tank and Jason Statham.

I can only assume that 7 will include cars in space, but until then 6 is very possibly my favorite movie period. It's amazing how a kind of mediocre street racing movie turned into one of the biggest and most ridiculous action franchises around, and has only the loosest possible connection to cars.

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It's the only Mario Kart game I played until probably a couple years a go, and going back to it I do not think it holds up at all. That said, I also went back and played Super Mario Kart, Double Dash and Wii and hated all of those too, so maybe I just can't stand the series anymore.

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So if I plug it in to the PC, then unplug it will it still be synced to my Xbox? I love using the 360 wireless controller with the dongle, but resyncing is a hassle, doubly so considering that when going from 360 to PC it turns the console on every goddamn time I want to sync it. I still don't know why holding the sync button on a turned off 360 controller doesn't start the search without turning on the console.

Even if the One controller does disconnect from the console, I suppose that the Kinect resync option would eliminate some of the annoyance.

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@cloudymusic: Finally, live music accompanying all live shows.

I look forward to his metal cover of Party Hard.

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Command and Conquer Renegade. 12 years old, poorly reviewed and still anywhere from 50-100 people online at any time, which is more than enough for 1-2 full servers. Also, the modding community for that game is insane and on par with things like Quake and Unreal.

Also, it's totally awesome.

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Saint Paul, MN, USA

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I'll keep subscribing until the end of time.

That said, I think people are at least partially right when they say that Jeff seems really out of it and doesn't appear excited about much of anything. I think the best thing would be for the core GB crew to have a businessman or two who actually understand the site and what they're doing, and have those businessmen deal with CBS and meetings and all the monetary bullshit so that the core guys have more time and energy to devote to actually having fun with games, rather than just covering them.