My craziest S-ranks

This is a list of my top 10 most difficult/time consuming S-ranks. These "Achievements" makes me question my sanity.

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Posted by DeF

you so crazzzzy! :)
I just spent a few hours last night getting three combo/challenge rooom related achievements in Arkham Asylum ... that was painful (now I only need to get all 24 freeflow medals ...oh god)

Posted by doublezeroduck

That shit cray

Posted by Cincaid

I got some crazy S-Ranks myself, but you're a bigger man than me for getting the online achievements in Dead Rising 2 and Nuts & Bolts. Jealous!

Posted by Wakapeil

@Cincaid: If you want help getting the multiplayer achievements in Nuts and Bolts I can help you out. You only need 2 online races to get the 6 achievements you are missing.

Posted by Cincaid

@Wakapeil: Wow, that would be awesome! Not putting a gun to your head, but feel free to contact me on XBL if you want to! :)

My GT is Cincaid.