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Dead Kennedys 
They brought musicianship into the punk scene without losing the ferociousness. Plus Jello Biafra is a great front man.  

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China Town
LA Confidential

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I loved the Pure Pwnage web series but I've never seen the tv show. I've heard it wasn't as good.

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Well, I feel more productive than I did when I played video games, but I'm getting more and more excited for Tuesday. I had a dream about Fable 3 last night, yes I know that's crazy. Luckily I have plenty of school work with which to occupy my time. I have a test, a paper, a programming project, etc. But to take my mind off school and Video Games I'm getting ready to go fishing with my friends. Yes, fishing, that's what it's come to. lol, it's actually really nice outside today and fishing is relaxing. Only a few more days left to go. I definitely feel like I've learned how to be more responsible with my time.

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I'm happy to say that today has been much more productive than the last few days. I woke up around 9:30 and started doing laundry, homework, and cleaning my room. My roommate has been playing Assassin's Creed 2 and since I've already S ranked that game, I don't feel any desire to watch him play let a lone join him. This is the reason I made this pledge; I want to be a more effective person. I'm getting very excited about next Tuesday and being able to play games again, but I think I'm finally learning how to manage my time better and not just put everything off till the last second.

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I think I'm slipping into a bad habit. Instead of doing more things outside or having more time to study as I originally intended, I find myself just sitting around, watching my roommates play video games, listening to music or watching movies. Yesterday I went to sleep at nine o'clock at night because I had nothing better to do than sleep. I will no longer let myself waste the time this pledge has given me. For the next week I will make an effort to study harder, and be more active. These are the best years of my life and I am going to make the best of them. 
I would also like to thank Coonce for commenting on my last blog and finishing the "1984" quest set for me, lol.

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One week without video games. Part of me can't believe it's already halfway over but the other half feels like it's been so long already. I want to thank all the commenters that have been giving me support over the last week, giving me suggestions of things to do to keep my mind off video games and generally letting me know that this isn't stupid. Honestly I expected everyone to just say that the pledge was a bad idea or that I'm so weird to have such a hard time with this. So Thank you, I will continue to update you on my experiences without video games for the next week.

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Well, I'm back at KU, My roommate ( Master1Xander on GiantBomb) brought up his Atari 2600 so now we now have 5 gaming consoles in the room. It got a lot harder not to play video games yesterday. I really want to play Mass Effect 2, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Shivering Isles, and Rock Band 2. I had to sit and watch as my friends played Bad Company 2, Split-Second, and Hydro Thunder. I kept wanting to grab a controller and join in, but I didn't. I feel like I've given up fast food, but I live in McDonald.

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I have never played World of Warcraft and don't plan to start.