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@pezen: A historical vacation is a great way to put it, I've seen the ubisoft formula as something I enjoy in a november of every year (AC, The Crew, Far Cry) There's just something simple and engrossing about all the collectibles and side things slowly filling in maps and the like. AC still does it best, and I'm really hoping Victory will give us another great urban landscape to explore. I do however end up feeling guilty for frequently choosing it over the new big indie hit, but I kinda need that "comfort game"

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@zokamoka: I've never gotten into Wrpg's of this old school variety, the low low price of free is a good excuse to take the plunge be happy to stick my name down for a chance.

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I know it's really greedy but some part of me was really hoping that Helldivers would be on there after Apotheon was free on release too, can see why not since it seems like a big game.

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Since I bought my WiiU and a handful of games it turns out I have 3,400 coins just sitting there, hopefully Europe gets a similar deal then because I could end up with a nice haul of WiiU games and a few classics I've never tried.

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I'm going to keep being that asshole hoping for an HD re-release. That being said If this was instead say, a pawn per player instead of a MAG like PSO they could at least take some of the more unique elements of DD and fuse it with an MMO.

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So Capcom announced there will be another Dragons Dogma on PS3, PS4 and even PC. It'll be an MMO from the sounds of things, this sound like what anyone was interested in?

Personally I think there are enough MMO's out there that this could get lost in the shuffle (if it ever even comes here) DD was a pretty unique game with it's pawn system which I'm guessing would end up stripped down if you party up with real people.

Buy seriously Capcom where's my HD re-release? Imma keep asking till I see it on steam or PS4!

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@yummylee: Still haven;t bought this due to nerves about it being way too hard and just giving up on it but man is it tempting. There is something hilariously incongruous about seeing boulderpuncher Chris in that incredibly atmospheric environment though, he shout be wind up punching everything in sight.

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@hermes: Yep they got Michael Madsen and (I'm pretty sure Eliza Dushku) on board for that an it actually made the game worse. It works best in Japanese for sure

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