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I'd be down to take a US code if anyone's got some weighing down their internet.

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Give it time. I just got my first envelope today.

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The original's pretty great too, but The Bouncing Souls are just so good.

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I'd love a Hecarim code if you have any left.

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I totally forgot to post this in the thread, so here you folks go!
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Is there any chance I can get an invite to the cool guy group before I drop a spare Indie Gala 8 code on you guys? 
Uhhhh, I should probably link my Steam profile, huh?

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Also, big thanks to Bleeble for that copy of The Ship!

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You do. It's just that the Veteran isn't free to play this week.  Either buy him or wait a week or two. :(

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If I ever needed any affirmation that my taste in music is really weird,

  1. Less Than Jake
  2. The Mountain Goats
  3. Five Iron Frenzy
  4. They Might Be Giants
  5. Elvis Costello
  6. Mustard Plug
  7. Weezer
  8. Taylor Swift
  9. Lady Gaga
  10. Relient K
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I wouldn't mind a Braid or Osmos Onlive code, if only because I know they'll run on my PC!