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Ocarina of Time, my older cousin had beaten it so he helped me through the water temple.  Damn key under the floor.
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Would you like to play a game of Global Thermo-Nuclear War?
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Bombcast! depending on which airplane you use normally you can watch movies, plus most blu-rays have a digital copy for your iphone.  Sleep, and talk to the person next to you if the aren't a complete slob.
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Gotta go with Pikachu, if only because I grew upwith the anime.  But Dragonite too, because the first time I got it i had no idea how dratini evolved, so that was awesome.
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My dad just ignores video-games, for instance he says May-reo instead of mario.  I've tried several times with my mom but she hates m-rated games and r-rated movies, so all i can get her to really play is wii sports. But i got my sister, with mario party-mario kart-lego games-smash bros- and she actually beat paper mario. although she hates anything hard :/
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I've sold games to gamestop since I was twelve, although then it was EB games (they're the same, right?)  I guess it just depends on the store, maybe it helped I went to school with some of the guys who worked there.  But it says M 17+ on the game, and tweens always find ways to get them anyway.  Doesn't make since if you had a driver's license or something to prove your age.
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This is something I've been thinking about for a long time, will there be a next generation of consoles?  Right now, each console has it's own niche.  PS3 has some japanese-ass games like Katamari and Demon's Souls plus great first-party games.  The 360 is home to shooters like Gears of War and Halo, and the Wii is family-friendly but not without some good hardcore games (if you don't believe me, go play Madworld and No More Heroes), and the PC has a huge community and has great strategy games and steam.  Graphics are better than ever.  And with games already having release dates in 2012, what is going to change?  I think Kinect will fail miserably, and Move will do better but still be forgotten due to the high price point and it's basically a wii-motion plus.  So, I pose the question: will there be another console generation? Besides 3-D and maybe an HD Wii (which nintendo will never do), there are no real improvements I can think of currently.  I think that there will, but only because Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all need to make money.  What would you want in the next generation?
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@cap123 said:
"No, not really. When i was younger i didn't really look at reviews, just bought loads of cheaper games i liked the cover of. Now i'm older, I generally only buy games that critically acclaimed because i don't have time for poop. "

Same with me; so many crap n64 and gamecube games sitting in the basement *sigh*
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I'd say chrono chross, and zelda if you count it as an RPG (which I do).

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Probably Mario Galaxy 1, Just because I got all 242 stars and replayed the levels over and over.  Maybe inFamous too.