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I don't post in the community and have just always been an outside observer of all the stupid that goes on here at Giantbomb. Part of me would like to think this is an Andy Kaufmanesque stunt. That if anyone is capable of being a dick enough to do it it would be him. Cause thinking of the alternative is heart breaking. I spend my professional life being extremely serious. Being able to live vicariously though the stupid on Giantbomb is what I look forward to. This is one hell of a loss. You guys make being stupid on the internet classy and Ryan Davis may have been the classiest of them all. Your humor has help me get though a bunch of tough times and will likely help me though this one. You'll live on in this site and in all your fans. You did more that make stupid internet videos you brought stupid into our hearts.

RIP Ryan Davis.

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@snide:@snide said:
" Also. Whiskey Media continues to not piss off the Internet. I'm glad you subscribe to our sites and we will always try and keep the experience as clean and not scummy as possible. "
Much appreciated. You guys are awesome and thanks for the swift response.
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I use and pay for Giant Bomb because it's clean, well written, and humorous. It's not bogged down by ads and crap. No watermarks on the videos, just the content I want. It's perfect.
If I could remove all the social networking stuff completely I would. I understand that if people tweet and share articles it opens up new possible customers. I get that. But Giantbomb needs to stay classy. Keep it small and out of the way. GiantBomb is a beautiful lady, please keep the tramp stamps to a minimum.

PS. While I'm at it. I would LOVE to have the option of choosing which sites show up in the "Take Another Swig" footer.

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people forgot ham . com is my favorite.

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im in..

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You guys may be right. It has been over a year. I definitely followed some kid from some camp to lamplight with the intention of slaughtering all his friends. In fact it maybe there that i stopped playing. After the realization that my attempt to commit mass slaughter was thwarted by the developers good nature. I have one question. If i ever do find my damn father can i just shoot him? and does this end the game?

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I was super stoked to play this game. Bought it on day one. Popped it in. Killed everyone in the vault, everyone in Megaton. Found a slaver camp. Fuckers were slaving kids. So i killed them all. Then followed a slave kid back to lamplight with a bunch of other kids. killed all those kids. If you give me a gun in a video game and let me kill the quest givers i have to do it. So Im trying it again. Being on my best behavior. I'm trying my best as we speak to not kill Moriarty. Smug son of a bitch and his dumb ghoul are fucking asking for it.