Thoughts on Resident Evil Combat

Listening to Zero punctuations review of silent hill home comming.

Zero punctuation puts it the best about combat in a SURVIVAL horror game..."Haunted towns are affected by the economic crisis too and they can't afford to leave many bullets around but you know what? thats a good thing survival horror combat is supposed to be hectic pannicy and often not worth it, if im not dreading every monster encounter then its not horror is it? its just setting up an unpaid pest control buisness.”

RE4 isn't like this but i dreaded RE4 Wii's combat because it was just that hard, maybe i was playing it wrong but i had such a horrible time with the game *i eventually beat the PC version with a trainer* but it was insane i would get EVERY and I mean EVERY last scrap of ammo, herbs...ect every thing i could get inbetween the start of the game and the time you leave the small little cabin when you first meat spanish dude and you have to fight your way through that valley.

I would upgrade/buy what i needed dark cloakity mccloak guy (who seemingly was infected like the rest but didn't wanna kill me and that was never explained that i know of) and i would proceed to fight my way through the valley with its 500 or so it seemed enemies i wouldn't miss a single headshot i wouldn't miss a single stick of dynomite (since though i hate the wii the Wii mote gave amazing accuracy) but seemingly i would all ways run out of ammo, get killed or have like 2 bullets left, I have since been told i can run away but seriously some of these freaks were relentless..infact one time i got every pickupable item in the place while avoiding every enemy only to get near the end and be stuck being 20 spanish weirdo villagers and 10 spanish weirdo villagers with no where to go.

So with no choice but to fight my way through and then ending up with about 10 pistol ammo left and like 1 shotgun or whatever weapon I had at the time id meet mc dark cloakity villager guy that didn't like me, then proceed out his house to find my first chain saw dude and be killed because i had not enough ammo to take him down. I didn't dread enemy encounters cause i was scared of them but that they were so freaking hard half the time I had no choice in running away in this game specially If I wanted ammo or freaking gold

RE5 seems to be different combat seems to be easy from nearly every single trailer, gameplay segment and live feed of gameplay i've seen specially in coop modes....I weep for Resident evil...I bought RE4 wii never finished it, sold it (along with the wii) pirated RE4 pc used a trainer, and i have no urge whatso ever to pick up RE5 yet every game before these two I religiously searched for in their gamecube incarnations...Oh well now im just bitching.


super princess peach

Now not an funny game in and of it self but once you get the ending it becomes weird and funny....
surfice to say this explains it best.


yep your moms using the hidden VIBE scepter in your house.
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Pokeball GO! you've caught a hunter!

I've been collecting the halo 3 series 3 3 inch action figures for a bit now *my friend RichardLOlson got me onto it* and I just acquired a new one The near 10 inch hunter its so freaking awesome!

I had a master chief one but its hand wouldn't turn and i put a lil bit to much torq trying to turn it and his hand broke off >_< but yeah I purchased a few other things today including Lost planet *none colonies edition* I intend on getting the colonies edition so as to get the complete 2 sets of achievements and i wanna see whats new in it, All so purchased a game informer subscription for the edge card at gamestop since it was only 15 bucks.
All so picked up a few things from circuit city they had a Skullcandy hesh metallica death magnetic headphones for super cheap and a too human guide for 4 bux*liquidation sale* they had a few tvs there i wanted...but at only 40% off i wasn't gonna bite not with the recent article i read about the crappy circuit city liquidation deals. Circuit City Liquidation is shit!

Oh i forgot to add i all so got a display copy of gears of war 2 for 18 bucks.


Ps3 is purposely hard to develop for? >_<

Wow...Kaz really is trying to justify something...

"We don't provide the 'easy to program for' console that (developers) want, because 'easy to program for' means that anybody will be able to take advantage of pretty much what the hardware can do, so then the question is, what do you do for the rest of the nine-and-a-half years?" explained Hirai.

Translation: we wanted the space module to go to the moon NASA said but not wanting to make it easy for the astronauts they added in a commonly faulty unit in the service module so it would be a challenge for apollo 13 to make it...


*squeals like a girl* SO CUTE!!

Well heres the story went out with the fam tonight * valentines day* went to chilli's.

Any ways what walks in must have been the cutests damn thing i've ever seen, A lil girl about 7 years old in a sparkly lil dress and her dad who was dressed to the 9's bow tie, cumberbum every thing obviously comming from either a movie or dancing. Likely hes a divorcee/single dad but it was so cute taking out his daughter for valentines day.

Though its likely he'll be geting lots of women wanting his number  after that.



yay finally my 360 is through the repair process *then again its been through for like 3-4 days now* and they are finally sending it, *though they never sent me shipping information like the email said they would* oh well im just glad my 360 is comming home.

Update: just received my 360....YAY!!

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360 is dead....*cries*

Yep my 360 elite is dead *thank god the pro is still running ill have to move it from my nephews room* but yeah my elite is dead after 2 years or so of play time my 360 has died at 9 or so pm it received One red light and the e74 error.

After research and checking at i would be forced to pay 94 dollars to pay microsoft for bad manufacturing process.
So i called up 1-800-4MY-XBOX and talked to a INDIAN tech support guy named Von *thanks god he didn't try to fake he was american and call him self mike or john or some shit* and after explaining shit and him asking me to spell my First and Last name and ASKING me if he could call me by my first name and him trying to give me the speel of trouble shooting which i assurd him i had all ready done and him explaining my warrenty was out which i all ready knew and how it was gonna cost me 95-105 dollars to get it repaired and me stating that its shitty that i have to pay for something that wasn't my fault and him trying to convince me it was a good deal since i get another year warrenty and a free month of live *laughs hard* a free month? wow! a whole free month i can add onto my account thats now paid up till 9/11/2011 lol but yeah wanting to complain to a supervisor weither it would get them to drop the charge or give me a discount regardless i wanted to complain i waited on the phone for 20 minutes and eventually told him id try again later.

So i'll order my coffin tomorow or so after i complain to a supervisor.

It died so young

Embalming process

Preparing for burial


Fallout 3 Collectors edition....

Just got it tonight for 38 bucks have yet to play it....had to go to wal-mart and pick up a new coaxial splitter cause the comcast tech said mine could be going bad *though i think it was just a cop out since he couldn't figure out what was wrong*

A week ago my internet connection starts going to shit *crapcast* and complaining bout it didn't do much though it was odd that it happend directly after i called to complain that i had received a pamphlet in the mail talking bout how my promtional period would soon be over....yet i never signed up for one I was with insight for a good 2-3 years before comcast hostile took over the majority of insight consumers in indiana and i was FORCED to adopt their service since its the only game in town when it comes to cable internet and i dont want DSL.  I infact made it a point to complain quite a bit during the trasition that i wasn't gonna be locked into their shitty 6mb-8mb service for MORE money then insight did, i mean slower internet *i usually got 10-12mb down and 2-3 mb up on insight for 35 dollars a month* for more money? screw that but i complained and was assured my speed would say the same under some grandfather clause...and the person i talked to about the pamphlet made the same assurance though today the tech that came over said i was at 6mb or some shit which will piss me off if true.

*I want verizon fios damit*

but yeah a week ago this shit connection starts acting up and every test i did trace routes from speedtests at and comcasts own speedtest *wont post link since its intended for employees only but its easy to find just type comcast speedtest into google* all pointed to one fact that something was wrong with comcast owned hops inbetween me and other servers though the tech came over *and im sure they fixed whatever was wrong before hand just so they could say well its something on your end* and did traceroutes via the CMD and pings and every thing looked fine though he did pings and tracerts to which wasn't what i used on my tracerts which were mainly tracerts to easynews servers and universty traceroutes which all pointed to the fact something was wrong with my connection, but every thing seems to be working now, and no change is apparent with the new splitter its a better quality one to boot.

As soon as fios comes to noblesville im dropping comcast like a bad habit.