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Good luck everyone! Thanks Rorie!

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Pingus is a straight up Lemmings clone with the Linux mascot but I believe it is playable on PC and Mac too.

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Not a suprise at all.

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I have a Sansa Clip and I think it's great. Cheap, small, a decent UI, supports many codecs and above all superb sound quality even with high-end headphones. 
It's a device with limited storage space though (I think the maximum is 8Gb) so that's the one thing that might hold you back.

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I could use an invite. GT is wimpelmeesje. 
@RandomHero666: I haven't tried it myself but I assume you can restart championships and cups. Seems nearly impossible to buy all the cars and houses otherwise.

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You can put it in it's vertical position, but it's unwise to move the console while a disc is spinning since you'll most likely end up with a scratched disk.

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I don't have a favorite beer, possibly because I'm Belgian and we have too many good ones :p. Beers I like include Leffe (9° especially), Duvel, Palm and any beer with the Trappist label. 

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Four pages and not one mention of 'Allo 'Allo? Pretty old (1982 to 1992) but still a very funny sitcom. 
Edit: I forgot to mention Blackadder!

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According to the announcement on MajorNelson.com, the console begins shipping August 3rd which is three days ago. I'm guessing that's the same as very soon in a store near you. 
I've actually just checked Amazon and you can buy it there but from another retailer. (Or so it seems!)