Dissidia 2 - A Cast of Thousands

With the sequel to Dissidia recently being announced, there's been a lot of discussion about the roster and who should or shouldn't be included and it seems my opinion differs with what most people are expecting, so I thought it would be worth putting together a list of the characters that I'd personally like to see in Dissidia 2.  And yes, I'm going to continue calling it that, as the official name is rather stupid.
First of all, I'd like to say that I was disappointed with the lack of female characters included in the first game.  Obviously, since they were going with the primary villian and main characters from each game, this was always going to be the case but the one female lead character who did make it in, Terra, was implemented very poorly.  While the rest of the characters stayed relatively true to how they acted in their original games, Terra was reduced to the typical submissive JRPG female in distress.  She was weak, timid and constantly in need of protection from a 12 year old boy.  Where as in VI, she may have been confused and sometimes unsure of herself but she was ultimately brave and assertive.  Her portrayal in Dissidia was not only bad but just plain sexist.
So with that being said, the majority of my picks are going to be the females, not just because they were poorly portrayed in Dissidia but also because I feel they would be the best fits.

Final Fantasy I - III
 If you've been following the game thus far, then you've probably heard that there's going to be a limited number of new characters, likely around 10-12 and not every game is going to get a new representitive.  So while many may disagree, I feel it's these three that don't really need any addititons.  I strongly feel that Dissidia needs to stick to the original numbered games, avoiding any of the sequels or spin-offs, so that rules out any of the characters from the DS remake of III, leaving only II as the only one with actual characters, none of which were particularly interesting or very well developed.
So while I wouldn't mind seeing Guy or Maria for the sake of classic representation.  I say skip these games and leave room for the later games.
Final Fantasy IV
 Kain Highwind
Since he's already been announced, there's little need for discussion here.  Kain was one of my favourite characters from any of the games, he was complex, interesting and very cool.  He was the obvious pick from IV and should make for a very unique character in Dissidia with Dragoon abilities.  His ex-burst is also his Holy Dragoon form from The After Years, which is a pretty nice reference to the FFIV sequel, even if the game was pretty dire.
Final Fantasy V
 Faris Scherwiz
I think FFV is one most people think they'll skip over and it honestly wouldn't surprise me either.  I'll admit that I was never a big fan of the game but I did really like the character of Faris.  Pirates are always cool and she was one of the only aspects of the game that really stood out to me.  I think her piratey style would make a great contrast against most of the knightly characters.
Final Fantasy VI
 Celes Chere
Refering back to my desire for more strong female characters in the game, Celes fits this perfectly.  She's actually considered the main character of the game by many, replacing Terra for the second half of the game, having more key sequences and having a strong connection to the main villian of the game.  Many would prefer Locke but I think his attitude and fighting style would just be too similar to Zidane's.  Celes is just the better fit.
Final Fantasy VII
 Tifa Lockhart
What needs to be said here?  I'm sure everybody already knows her and she's already confirmed to be in the game.  I will say that I'm glad they went with her over Vincent, who I strongly suspected would have been included to appease the fanboys.  Thankfully, they went with the more significant character and one that should have a very unique style in the game.
Final Fantasy VIII
 Laguna Loire
The man with the machine gun!  This is another where I think my opinion differes from most.  Bets seem to be on either Seifer or Rinoa but I think Laguna is the more logical choice.  He was a great contrast to Squall's character in VIII and one of the more interesting from any of the FF's, I would have loved to see a whole game centered around him.  Using a gun would again make him rather unique against the majority of heroes who all use swords and I think he'd an interesting diemension to the story elements.
While I have said I'd prefer to see more female leads, VIII doesn't have much in the way of good characters, particularly female ones.  Quistis did very little, Selphie was the standard "Yuffie" character and Rinoa was all round unlikable and a poor fighter.  Seifer would make a good rival for Squall, but I think he'd be too similar of a character and again, I think the elements Laguna could add would be more interesting.
Final Fantasy IX
 General Beatrix

This one I'll admit is rather unlikely, call it something of a fan wish.  She wasn't a main party member and wasn't really anything of a villian or even a rival.  But she was a really great character, had fantastic battle music and was just generally awesome.  Again, I'd call her one of the most stand out of the entire series.  
I think Vivi is the more logical and likely choice here and would add a good magic user for the heroes..  But God damn, it should be her.
Final Fantasy X-XIII
 For me, X is where the series disconected.  I don't really feel an attachment for any of the characters and didn't particularly care about the story or what was going on.  Auron was a pretty cool samurai character that could work well because of his style, similar to Faris.  Or Yuna could work for adding in more females and more magic users.  I will say that I'd prefer to see the summoner version of Yuna, rather than her X-2 stripper variant.  Simply because I'd prefer to see them stick to the main numbered games.. stay away from the sequels/spin-offs except for nods and references.
I never played XI, but being an MMO, I don't think it necessarily needs anymore charaters to represent it.
XII has the most options..  Vaan was the main playable character but is generally disliked and didn't really have any place in the story.  Balthier tends to be the most popular, being a cocky pirate-esque gunner.  But I think either Ashe or Bashe would make the most sense, as they were really the central figures.  I'd highlight Bashe, simply because it would add a more interesting diemension to the story with Gabranth.
XIII - we already have Lightning confirmed, so we only need a vilian for her.