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Serbia have pretty much already won it with their "it's okay to be fat" song. The audience is going to eat that up.

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@slag: I'm sure it is, but I think you can make the "3 game investment" pitch without necessarily continuing that series. If they removed the references to the previous game, and tweaked the story a little, they could have easily just made 13-2 part of the main series. It probably would have sold better for it too. It wouldn't have mattered that they played and looked similar either because that's the way Final Fantasy has always been.

Part of the reason XIII-2 was made was as a response to the design criticisms that XIII received, particularly in regards to the linear maps, lack of explorable towns, and the nature of the leveling system, among other aspects. They also tinkered around with other things like the conversation system and such, and in general wanted to make a XIII game that would appeal to parts of the audience turned off by the technical criticisms of the original. Though, they obviously had to have come up with the idea for Lightning Returns in some form early on in development, given that the game ends on a cliffhanger.

And while I'm crazy and totally appreciated 13-2 for it, I think it was a really misguided idea to fix those criticisms in a direct sequel. If people didn't like the first one, why would they play the second? Not only that, but because it's a direct sequel, that puts off newcomers because they'd feel like they have to play the one people complain about to get to the one that's supposed to fix its problems. If this had just been Final Fantasy XIV starring Kerah, it almost certainly would have been more successful. As for when they came up with the idea for Lightning Returns, I can't say, but if they'd pictured the tepid sales reaction to 13-2, I doubt that game would exist.

While Final Fantasy XIII was criticized, it still sold well, to my knowledge. Well enough that a sequel on a lower budget that reused a lot of the assets was probably a risk they were willing to take. If they had made XIII-2 into XIV, I think people wouldn't have been receptive to it, because the franchise has a history of strongly differentiating itself from one primary entry to the next. If people looked at this theoretical XIV and thought, well this plays pretty much like XIII, but with these changes, it doesn't have the same impact as switching from X to XII, or from XII to XIII, or XIII to XV. Not to say that it's not something that the series has never done (the earlier games are much more similar to one another in many of their elements), but their resources at hand lent more to the creation of a sequel to XIII, rather than a full Final Fantasy sequel.

Honestly, the argument could be taken either way, though as a fan of the XIII trilogy, I'm glad they took the path they did.

I was under the impression that while it sold decently, it didn't come close to making back the development costs, which is why they pumped out the sequels as quickly as possible reusing the same assets. Cheap returns for little work.

Frankly, I dislike the direction the series has gone in over the past few years and I haven't been particularly impressed from what we've seen of XV. It seems to be making all the same mistakes, just with a half hearted attempt to return to some of the old mechanics people liked in the past. Although if they've stopped designing their entire games around big and flashy cutscenes, that'd be a start.

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I loved the movie. It has a lot of sci-fi, a bit of Watchdogs, still it has very interesting ideas and theories to it. Ideas like:

[Looking to the future] "If its habitat is not sufficiently favorable, or nurturing, the cell will choose immortality, in other words, self-sufficiency and self management. On the other hand, if the habitat is favorable, they will choose to reproduce — that way, when they die, they hand essentialinformation and knowledge to the next cell, which hands it down to the next cell, and so on. Thus knowledge and learning are handed down, through time."

And it is enjoyable to watch, yet a bit ludicrous.

Er, evolution by process of natural selection/evolution by process of artificial selection isn't "sci-fi". Life has been doing that on this planet for around 3.6 billion years so far.

What is sci-fi though is the antiquated idea of people only using 10% of their brains.

It's not even an antiquated idea, it's a complete misconception and was originally only used as a metaphor.

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You seem awfully angry about this.

Not angry as much as I am just baffled that people are still falling for these.

Photoshopping some text onto a picture isn't quite the same as what this guy has done (if it's fake), there are brand new character renders on here and even in game screenshots. I'm not saying we should all just believe it's authentic or anything, chances are it is just a really elaborate troll, but I think some people are writing it off a bit too quickly. Like others have said, this is exactly what happened with Brawl.

Mii Fighter isn't there because the customisation mode is off (he did show screenshots that show the customisation options for them). Dark Pitt was hinted at in a previous trailer and considering Lucina is a separate character, there's no reason to think he wouldn't be as well. Duck Hunt is exactly the type of "huh??" character they like throwing into these games and Bowser Jr was considerably more popular a couple of years ago when this game would have been being designed.

The only questionable thing I see is the positioning of the characters. Yoshi is considered to be part of his own franchise, so it doesn't make sense for him to be inbetween Rosalina and Bowser, especially with Bowser Jr sitting after him. And if they're throwing the clones on the bottom row, why aren't Ganondorf, Toon Link and Falco with them?

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@irvandus: Guild Wars 2 has plenty of endgame content, just not in the traditional sense. If you're looking for number crunching and large scale raids, it doesn't have much to offer, but it more than makes up for that by having a leveling system that isn't just focused around getting to the top and grinding, plus the free bi-weekly content updates typically add a fair amount of new story content. It's not a game for everyone, but it's insanely good value for money and perfect if you're someone who can't afford to spend hours playing a single game every day.

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What a lot of people do not know is that the Rare of today is radically different from the Rare of then. Even if they were given the green light on a Conker or Banjo title, that talent has walked away.

This isn't a little known fact, it's something repeated in almost every Rare discussion that comes up. Now what people actually don't know, is that the same is true of every other major game developer these days too. People have lives, they get older and move on. The same people don't continue to work at companies for decades, you know?

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Looking back at the history, Microsoft really overpaid for Rareware.

And grossly mismanaged it. They made the games that they did for Nintendo because Nintendo was constantly looking over their shoulder. Microsoft apparently just assumed that Rare was just as capable of the magic they worked on the SNES and N64 without such supervision.

I'd argue that Kameo, Nuts & Bolts and Viva Pinata were just as good as anything they ever put out on the SNES and N64. The only problem was there wasn't an audience for the games.

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Poor choice for them to release this on the 3DS first in terms of sales. If they released it the other way around, it may have been an incentive for some people to go out and buy a Wii U.

How is exactly is that? The 3DS version will likely act as a "demo" and raise awareness of the franchise among the Internet jaded and Nintendo newcomers alike after the mixed Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

I've seen this said a few times and I'm not sure where the idea comes from. If the 3DS version was limited in some way or had a much smaller roster, I could maybe see the point, but it's exactly the same game, with all of the same modes, options and characters. The Wii version might have some kind of single player mode that the 3DS one is lacking, but that's going to have to be pretty special to get people who already own the game to run out and buy another copy of the same game and an expensive system to play it on.

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@themasterds: You have no idea how much a certain group of fans are trying to spin the Ridley reveal into something that means he could still be playable. Didn't you notice how unnaturally he moved? almost as if.. HE WAS BEING CONTROLLED BY A PLAYER?!

Captain Falcon,Ness and Jiggly will almost definitely be back though, ai don't see them cutting the classic reps.

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This is just not the paycheck for me to be doubling down on MMO's but it's totally on my Radar after playing that beta. I'm really surprised how much disdain there is for the game out there. Calling it Elder Scrolls Online my have been a mistake, people can't seem to make up their minds on what their expectations should be.

As an MMO, it has some pretty unique features and is generally a pretty solid experience. As an Elder Scrolls game, it doesn't come close to providing the type of gameplay or features you'd expect and feels like a shaky knock-off made by a second rate developer trying to emulate the series.

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Is that Star Wars: The Clone Wars show any good? Been hearing a ton about it since the last season is out on Netflix?

Also, about how long does it take popular anime (Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill) to get dubbed releases? Wouldn't mind being able to enjoy the art of AoT without having to read text all the time.

Yeah, if you're a Star Wars fan, the Clone Wars is worth watching. The quality dramatically increases as the show goes on and while the episodes vary from being good to pretty mediocre, it largely makes up for those prequel movies, even retconning the medichlorians into something a thousand times less dumb, but still making sense in the context of how they were explained Episode 1.