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Those red plastic cups in film and TV have always interested me. How much do people drink in the States, especially beer? What is an acceptable ammount to drink at a social occasion? I've thrown parties where a couple of bottles of wine each and then lots of beers are okay, but I get the feeling American drinking is more conservative. Also, how many cigarettes do you smoke, are you chaining twenty or thirty whilst drinking as we do in London, or is smoking a despicable thing?

Thank you for the cultural insight in advance.

It all depends on the people you're socializing with. Liquor is generally excepted among all of our society, while cigarettes are fairly taboo.

I'd say we are more conservative drinkers. You have to remember are laws are a lot stricter. Drinking is completely illegal in public, so much so that if you go for a picnic it's illegal to bring a bottle of wine (technically, you'd probably be fine though). I'd say that after you hit your fifth or sixth beer people start to look at you funny. It really depends on who you're drinking with and how well you can hold your liquor. If you're drinking with good friends it doesn't matter, but if you're out with some girl you just met, especially if you're out in public at a bar or restaurant opposed to a house party of some sort, it starts to look bad. For reference, I'm twenty. Technically, I'm not even legally allowed to drink. I'd say most kids start drinking during their later years of high school. Also, it really depends a lot on your environment. I'm in college and kids drink a fair amount more at frat parties, but from my experience less than you'd expect.

I quit smoking, but twenty or thirty cigarettes a night seems like a hell of a lot to me. At most I'd smoke half a pack on nights that I drank and I used to get a lot of shit for it. It really depends on the people you're with. I find that a lot of people I know who do smoke are very very moderate smokers, a pack a week.

I hope this helps. I'd love to hear more about how drinking and smoking is viewed in London if you have a chance.

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I've been back home from college for about a week and my sleeping schedule is terrible. It's 4 AM where I live and I'm not even tired. I rarely have been waking up before noon. I'll definitely fix it, but it may take a good week or two.

My question for you is do you value routine? Do you go to bed/wake up at a certain time each day? If so, is it only because of work/school? Do you do certain things at a specific time each day? For example, eat or go to the gym?

Any advice would be great. There's just something incredibly demoralizing about going to bed when the sun's up.

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I don't really like this new single and I've liked all of his albums...yes even 808s and Heartbreaks. Whatever, I didn't really like Power that much and My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy was great. I guess we'll see.

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I'm the sort of guy who hasn't had time to play games lately and while I'm looking forward to getting back into gaming, I'm confused what avenue to go down. I have more of an emotional attachment towards Xbox, but what Xbox represents is unrecognizable to me now. I'm pissed that all of the licenses I've purchased on XBLA and Xbox On Demand aren't transferring to the new console. I understand that the architecture is different, but I've built a library. It's as ridiculous as wiping a users iTunes collection every time they get a new computer.

I'm leaning towards PS4, but the PS3 hacked really annoyed me and I'm tired of installing games. I'd need to be assured that the software's better.

I'd consider PC gaming, but I'm a Mac user and there aren't enough games for the platform. Yes, I can install Windows for now, but what does Steam's future look like? Valve hates Windows 8. Linux maybe?

I don't know why this has to be so complicated. I just want to be able to buy games and know I'll be able to play them ten years from now.

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Hey Everyone! I haven't played games for a while now (at least a year or two). I took a hiatus to focus on school. Anyway, summer's approaching and I'll have plenty of spare time mere weeks from now. I have a PS3 at home, but frankly I don't have any games for it anymore. I sold the few I had for spending money.

I have a few questions. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

1. Should I create a new account and start from scratch? I don't have any of the games I have trophies in.

2. Should I buy physical or digital copies of my games? A friend of mine said that majority of PS3 games are available now on the PSN Store. Is this true? Are they priced fairly? Has Sony announced whether physical and digital PS3 games will be backwards compatible on PS4?

If you're curious about what games I'm planning on buying here's my list. I'm not really looking for recommendations, not that I doubt I'd get great recommendations, it's just that I have a specific taste.

-Portal 2


-The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

-Heavy Rain

-Red Dead Redemption

-BioShock Infinite

-Tomb Raider

-Dead or Alive 5

-Little Big Planet 2

-Sonic Generations

-Kingdom Hearts HD


-BEYOND: Two Souls

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I'm so pissed about this. I've used Google Reader every day for the longest time. Every other RSS service is an utter piece of shit. Google is shutting down reader because it's hard to utilize it to make advertising revenue, not because "usage has started to decline".

They should shut down Google+ if they want to shut down a service because of a decline of usage. No one has any need for it. Journalists depend on Reader. People living under dictatorships depend on Reader. I depend on Reader.

I'd just like to reiterate, fuck you Google. This is what "being evil" looks like. Closing down a perfectly good service that's widely used just because you can't sell me ads for Netflix with it. Go and break up the Google Reader team so they can work on shitty products like that $1300 Chromebook that no one wants. I can't wait to delete my fucking account.

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I love Veronica Mars. It really aged, but in a good way. It's nostalgic, it captures the 2000's well. I really would donate, but I'm in college and have limited spending money, but I'm really looking forward to seeing it! Do you think it'll be in theaters at all?

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@salad10203 said:

How hard did you hit him?

I didn't hit him, I said that I felt like hitting him.

@MB said:

About ten years ago I got in a full on fistfight with two guys in a movie theatre who wouldn't stop talking and kicking the back of my girlfriend's seat. So, just be aware that if you ever say something like you did to a stranger, you should be prepared to get your ass kicked or worse. Since then, being the young hothead that I was, I've learned that if it's not worth dying over, then it's not worth fighting over, and therefore probably not worth mouthing off about.

If you're not prepared for such a response from someone you tell to shut the fuck up, keep quiet and advise theatre staff of the situation and they will handle it...which is probably what you should have done. You never know who you're dealing with or what they're capable of, take that as general advice for life and don't put yourself in situations that you don't know how to get out of should someone have a violent reaction to one of your outbursts.

Thanks for the advice. I guess I felt comfortable since he was a forty year old man. If it was the cast from Sons of Anarchy behind me, trust me I'd keep my mouth shut.

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@DarthOrange said:

You shouldn't feel bad for what you did but I can't shake the feeling there was a better way to handle it if a kid was present. How old was the kid? Did he look scared when you cursed out his dad? Also, as stated before me, you shouldn't have let him get the last word. After he called you a "jerk off" you should have called him a "punk bitch" so that he knows who is in charge.

Seems like you have finally found your balls though. How goes it with the ladies?

Haha, it's going a lot better. I was on a date actually.