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I love Veronica Mars. It really aged, but in a good way. It's nostalgic, it captures the 2000's well. I really would donate, but I'm in college and have limited spending money, but I'm really looking forward to seeing it! Do you think it'll be in theaters at all?

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@salad10203 said:

How hard did you hit him?

I didn't hit him, I said that I felt like hitting him.

@MB said:

About ten years ago I got in a full on fistfight with two guys in a movie theatre who wouldn't stop talking and kicking the back of my girlfriend's seat. So, just be aware that if you ever say something like you did to a stranger, you should be prepared to get your ass kicked or worse. Since then, being the young hothead that I was, I've learned that if it's not worth dying over, then it's not worth fighting over, and therefore probably not worth mouthing off about.

If you're not prepared for such a response from someone you tell to shut the fuck up, keep quiet and advise theatre staff of the situation and they will handle it...which is probably what you should have done. You never know who you're dealing with or what they're capable of, take that as general advice for life and don't put yourself in situations that you don't know how to get out of should someone have a violent reaction to one of your outbursts.

Thanks for the advice. I guess I felt comfortable since he was a forty year old man. If it was the cast from Sons of Anarchy behind me, trust me I'd keep my mouth shut.

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@DarthOrange said:

You shouldn't feel bad for what you did but I can't shake the feeling there was a better way to handle it if a kid was present. How old was the kid? Did he look scared when you cursed out his dad? Also, as stated before me, you shouldn't have let him get the last word. After he called you a "jerk off" you should have called him a "punk bitch" so that he knows who is in charge.

Seems like you have finally found your balls though. How goes it with the ladies?

Haha, it's going a lot better. I was on a date actually.

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@twigger89: I live in Jersey actually, I guess the guy behind me just happened to be from Staten Island. (Not that all people from Staten Island are like that or anything...just...well...a lot of them are)

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@ImmortalSaiyan: It wasn't just Friday night, but it was opening night for Skyfall. The theater was packed.

@commonoutlier said:

There are probably better ways to handle it, and I would not necessarily call yours the “right way,” but that father and his son, I would say, were extremely rude and someone needed to stop them...so if I were you, I wouldn't feel any regret for doing what you did, since to me it seems very reasonable for you to be angered by such rude behavior from the father and son. I can understand why they were talking, and the urge to talk during a movie is sometimes hard to resist, but when someone directly confronts you about how you’re ruining their experience, you better be quiet. Saying that he wasn’t going to be quiet—HE should have moved if he was going to be so incredibly rude.

I'll admit, though, I would have felt the same desire for violence if that happened to me.

I guess you're able to empathize with all of us. In hindsight maybe I should have asked him nicely. "Sir, if you woudn't mind, can you please keep it down?", but I was just so angry. I don't think I could bare to be that politically correct.

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I went to see Skyfall yesterday and there was a father and son behind me talking pretty loudly throughout the first twenty minutes of the movie. "What's MI6?" "MI6 is like the British version of the CIA." "Wow look at that gun." "Yeah, that's an S50 blah blah blah." "Oh no, is James Bond going to be okay!"

I had it, I couldn't enjoy the movie with these obnoxious people behind me. I had already turned around and gave them a look to shut up a couple times, but they continued talking away like they were in their god damn living room, crumbling their popcorn bag, just generally being shitty people.

"Are you going to talk throughout the entire movie" I asked. "Yeah we are, I guess you'll have to move your seat" he replied to me in his heavy Staten Island accent. "No, you better fucking stop talking. You better shut the fuck up." I was so flustered, you could hear it in my voice. I didn't even mean to curse. It just kind of came out. He replied with two words, "Jerk Off", in that fucking accent. I was infuriated. It scared me how angry I was. I wanted to wait until the film was over and hit him. I was boiling, practically shaking...but then I realized something. They both stopped talking. They didn't say one damn word the entire rest of the film.

So, now I'm trying to figure out, did I handle this the right way? I mean I cursed in front of a kid, so that's not optimal I guess. I'd like the hear what you have to say.

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I registered to vote for mayor last year, does that mean I'm registered for this election and I can just show up at the polls and vote for president? Do I have to register every year to vote? Sorry, I'm nineteen and confused. :(

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@Everyones_A_Critic: Have you tried using a vaporizer? I hear that it really isn't bad at all for your lungs.

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I started to smoking about six months ago, about 4-10 cigarettes a day. Anyway, I smoked a cigarette before work today and afterwards I realized my throat really hurt and I couldn't take a really deep breath.

IT FREAKED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. I need to quit! The thing is I'm sort of addicted. I haven't smoked this morning. I need your help. Should I throw my cigarettes out? I've done this before and bought another pack. Any advice would be great.

Also, since I haven't smoked for that long, my lungs can recover if I quit now right?