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Im subscribed until Feb 2016, so im pretty committed.

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Ryan brought joy to a lot of people and if i may speak for everyone, we miss him very much.

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Assassins Creed 3 and Resident Evil 6 for a total of £75, my conscience would not let me return/trade them.

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Welcome to GB, cant wait for more rasslin' and fighting talk.

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Glasgow, UK

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I think there going to hire some interns rather than a veteran.

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Playing on PC. I really enjoy this game, its strange because i usually hate any competitive multiplayer games. One the reasons i like the game is due to the fact im pretty good at it (in my opinion). While other people who have played Call of Duty or Battlefield may feel the game is too similar, since i dont care about those games may be thats why im enjoying it.

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I was watching a video in full screen and hit the escape button to get back to normal and this happened. It has only happened the one time so far, may be its just a rare bug.

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I think its awesome, been playing it for a few hours a days since the beta launch.