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I finished the game at the weekend and i thoroughly enjoyed it. The batmobile sequences were ok but for there were a fair number of them. If you still enjoy the combat and want a good story you should play this game.

The way they added the side quests was pretty interesting and got better when the main story finishes (additional dialogue). For me this was the second best Batman game with Arkham Asylum being the first.

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So far i have not noticed any penalty for romancing both, im level 25 and hitting the end game right now. In total ive romanced with 3 women so far.

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Ive gotton the message a few times and i think it was because i was still completing an animation and i couldnt cast a sign. In combat i run slighty or even getting out of roll, i have to stand completely still before i can cast a sign.

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Im at level 25 and have levelled up at least 4 times since the patch came out mainly from story quests.

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I think you should buy this game, the combat is much better than 2. I absolutley loved Witcher 1 and hated Witcher 2, so far im enjoying 3.

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I had a Nokia 7250i for 4 years before all the buttons stopped working. Now i have a Nokia 6300 for about 7 years, still going strong.

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Huge fan of Metallica for a long time but i began to appreciate the other bands.

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Having not played any Zelda games but that will be sorted out soon. I bought Ocarina of time, Majora's Mask for the 3ds and when my New 3ds arrives on Friday its going to be a great weekend.

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First day back at work and this will keep me going. Cheers