So your Wii's on life support you say?

Okay then slap your selves a couple of times then make a new tab go to Youtube and search up gameplay on each individual game here then while done go to your local video game retailer or website and at any rate or condition try out these awesome games. 
   The game on the left with out a tittle is called "BAROQUE".                                                                      

NA Box Front

OMG I got the GOW 3 signed cover, Sweet!

 I really wish I can put up a pic of it soon but honestly I don't have a camera or anything to show you. But it's essentially the cover manual type of thing (Something promotional you would see at Game stop sort of) signed by the creators of GOW 3 I got this in the mail like a couple of minutes ago. To get this you had to win the ultimate god of war 3 contest which I did and got the Ultimate Edition of the game. Funny story about that I originally bought GOW 3 forgetting I joined that contest and made that video lol. So I got the game in the mail and sold the original copy I had to a buddy of mine for like 40 bucks. So yeah. But I'm seriously keeping this in the package as a collectors item this is so freaking surreal and cool. I wouldn't say I'm the ultimate GOW fan but I still love the whole series with the 3rd in particular being my favorite.   

EDIT: My brother is going to take a pic of it with his I Phone and he will email it to me and I will put it here once done till then I guess this edit will stay. :) 
EDIT NO 2: I made a new blog with the picture, check it out. This is pretty much dated so yeah. 


What do people think of Shadows of the Damned?

A lot of people are bitching about the game being generic but as far as I'm concerned I actually thought it was really awesome, it merged this atmosphere of Dante's Inferno (you are in hell so..) and gameplay similar to Dead Space. It was actually pretty ambitious in a way, I don't see people calling Dead Space 2 generic or garbage but hey everyone has a opinion. So I would actually really want to know your opinion people of giant boob, I mean giant bomb my bad. Jokes aside if you haven't seen it click below for the gameplay trailer. 


Anyone want LBP 2 beta?

Well Media Molecule is giving out beta keys for people who are active on LBP (1) so.. get you ass on and hopefully you'll get the beta so I'm off. :) 


Wait.. umm this is Master Chief in a phone commercial.

Ironic enough my last blog was about I Phone's. I just saw this commercial for like the 6 time and why the eff is master chief in it. It's the advertisement to the smart phone by Samsung "Galaxy 4G" so yea go ahead and watch it, now tell me if that's a coincidence or really weird cameo.  


.... Should I buy an I Phone 3GS or I Phone 4

Yea i know i can just search this up, but i thought it would be better here on this blog section. Money isn't an object here but i wouldn't want to spend more on extra features for something I don't really need. I have an I Phone 3G and it's great and all but time has passed and what was the only child now has 2 big brothers. But i don't know which freaking one to choose. And i suppose to be buying my new phone in like a day so any help would be fine in the near 12 hours.. or even days from now to make me feel like I chose the wrong one.  
I'm really just looking for a Phone that i can talk with people but also the convenience of apps. (not dumb fart apps nor the "useful apps" apps like Angry Birds) And the 3G permits me to play a crap load of games on the App store and can't multi task for shit. But then again the I Phone 4 has a glorious HD screen. 
Yea maybe i'm thinking to much anyways.. im listening to Bucket head right now and i'm about to play some Deadrising case zero.. so im gonna leave my comp on and smash some zombies, Chao 


Hey people of giant boob

I know lots of people are strict on what i say on these damn blogs (that is what I've heard) My other accounts blog got flagged but whatever. I made this sort of.. well to make lists i guess. I never was that big in to giant bomb so i wanted to give it a shot. As for well me.. i enjoy video games yet hate being labeled as "gamer" i grew up on NES and dumb ass trading cards now im growing up on girls and umm butterscotch.   
PS. no im not tom fulp don't ask i just go to a lot.