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Okay then slap your selves a couple of times then make a new tab go to Youtube and search up gameplay on each individual game here then while done go to your local video game retailer or website and at any rate or condition try out these awesome games. 
   The game on the left with out a tittle is called "BAROQUE".                                                                      

NA Box Front
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I seem to pretty much like every genre. I can adapt to something really easy really quick and if it's a quality, playable game I'll probably like it. Even if not I'll still get a kick out of it like I do with most shit games.  
BUT as for my "least favorite" genre I'd go with Sports, RTS and MMO games. I'm just not a fan of sports and Real time strategy usually consists of time consuming or long introduction that only leads to something personally I think could have been portrayed in another way and would have been better. (Even with my huge liking of Disgaea and Makai Kingdom I really don't like anything else of that kind including Vandal Hearts and Final Fantasy Tactics) And MMO'S usually have annoying ass fan bases and my god do they urge you to put a lot of your time in to it.

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Ughh no.. I mean you can find that gal or guy, and it's like your both so similar. But if there really was that person then in reality then why the hell are we searching. I mean say I was in a relationship now with someone that has similar liking and dis likings theres bound to be another with the same likings and dis likings as well. And plus for a fact no one is genetically 100% alike.  
So.. theres my answer. 

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Who ever said I fell out my love for the Wii. I personally love the system for it's ambition. Games like Deadly Creatures, Muramasa: The Demon Blade and the Bit Trip games make the system like no other. Not to be generic with the whole Wii is good thing and I mean I do play my other systems more. As from a quality perspective the PS3 and X360 beats it bar none. But I dunno the Wii gives out some charm to me. I love underrated/obscure stuff so the Wii's library is usually up my alley even with all the big multiplats on the other consoles. Go to a bargain bin look for some Wii games, pick out a game that interest you and hey it could be something you'll dig. (That is what I told my friend) 
Regardless I like my Wii enough to say that is cool. Even with it's gimmick that war off after I played Galaxy and Prime 3. 

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I absolutely love games with a different art style. The first time I played Jet Grind Radio (the first cell shaded game ever) I probably soiled my pants of excitement to play the game once I got back from school. Not to long ago I bought a PSN game by the name of TerRover just for it's art style.I think it really adds on. It's not that I buy games for it's art style but I guess I'm a bit of a whore when something is creative in it's presentation. And as for all of my Call Of Duty playing Katamari hater friends they don't give jack shit about art in a whole.  

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"Oh lordy lordy lordy lordy lord" I effing see it! 

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So yeah the last blog I made pretty much explained how I got the cover and blaghh. So I finally have the picture up and ready. It's the signed cover of GOW III. I got it by winning the ultimate GOW III contest. Anyways check it out below.  

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Apparently I hate Gears Of War. By the way it's the cover of the game not the game it's self. It's a loose cover with the back of it signed. 
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Lol, well my bad my English is terrible. I addressed all that in my bio. I'm actually from Scotland but generally speak German and French. So a lot of the times I miss interpreted what people say. Reason being I tend to not post blogs or anything on the forums. It's all good though. (Thank god for spell check.)