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You're Batman 0

  Batman Arkham Asylum is a welcome entry into the long maligned genre of licensed games. It is the first serious (and successful) attempt in enabling players to experience every aspect of being Batman; the gadgetry, the detective work, the terrorizing of thugs, and the moral struggles. The game starts with a very familiar premise: capturing the Joker and leaving him at the mercy of Arkham Asylum. The smugness he exhibits even while being stretchered away into his high security cell...

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A game more than worthy of Your Affection 1

A lot of truth bombs get dropped. Persona 4 is arguably Giant Bomb's most beloved game, and deservedly so. It is a superb JRPG that is a welcome reprieve from the hours of dungeon trawling, loot farming, item-ferrying one would normally associate with the genre. It is accessible, compelling, and rewards players who see it through to its "true" ending with 70 or so hours of amazing gameplay. The storyline's many twists and turns will leave you constantly nonplussed as you try to get to the heart ...

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A wasted opportunity 0

Ghostbusters is a decent game that's possibly the first to somewhat deserve being part of the franchise. However, it isn't without its shortcomings, and non-fans will have a hard time getting past its dodgy gameplay. The omission of any multiplayer mode for the PC version also relegates this game to one you'd borrow or rent, rather than buy (although some might be drawn by the lower retail price). The game puts you in the shoes of the aptly-named Rookie who joins the Ghostbusters as a trialist....

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A very bewitching CRPG 0

**This review is based on the Enhanced Edition and will not touch on the bugs and localization issues that plagued the initial release as they have been fixed for the most part**CD Projekt's The Witcher is a welcome novelty for RPG fans trying to wean off years of the Forgotten Realms franchise. Its world is an adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's cult classic Witcher fantasy novels, and the result is an excellent tribute to the source material. It draws on the bestiary in the books (most notably t...

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A rather satisfying game for those with Job-like patience 0

The Last Remnant represents Square Enix's first major foray into the saturated PC RPG market that is home to western classics like Planescape Torment, the Baldur's Gate series, IceWind Dale series, etc. As such, it was unsurprising that they opted for a faster-paced combat system in their latest JRPG. The end result is a game that will most likely frustrate hardcore fans of either genre, but will delight those with an open mind and patience in spades. The PC port is a much more serviceable itera...

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