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Very sad news to hear, but I have faith they'll bounce back... they always do.

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Easily my favorite list, Alex's pieces are always a pleasure to read. Thanks for Scoops & the Wolf by the way, I look forward to the casts every week.

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Please PM me if you've added.

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It's just not fair :(

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Hey guys! I don't play too many GFWL games so I thought I'd put my tag out there to get some co-op action going:


I live in Singapore so it might get a wee bit iffy if you're not in the Australasian region but it doesn't hurt to get free regiment upgrades!

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It's a shame that Johnny V and Gaz were up against each other. Top guys who met too early in the brackets imo.

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Anything that lets me play with more people on Steam is awesome, I hope something comes out of it soon.

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Very glad this happened. 8-4 Play and the Bombcast are pretty much my fave podcasts.

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You'll be dearly missed, Rorie :(

I've been more of a movie-goer the past 2 years, and Screened's a large reason why.

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The first time I heard it was on a 2007 ep of the HotSpot. Can't remember the actual context, but Vinny was asking Jeff if something was more than 100%. Jeff then replied "You can't beat 100%, Vinny".