Great Series of Warren Spector Game Industry Lectures

There's a set of amazing guest lectures from Warren Spector's classes when he taught at the University of Texas at Austin circa 2007. Some real gaming greats grace this series (Mike Morhaime, Richard Garriot, Tim Willits etc), and there's serious insight to be gained here if you're a fan of the games that these people make or the industry in general.
I guess the mods could shut this down as "Youtube spam" if they see fit, but I felt that this was something worth sharing. Apologies if these have been posted, I did check before posting.  


Garriot's lecture is especially interesting because of the crazy life he leads and the abundance of amusing anecdotes (his first 2 publishers couldn't pay him because they spent the proceeds on drugs).  
Mike's address is a great summary of Blizzard's journey from their early days of porting Interplay games, their company policies, how they dealt with WOW's explosive growth. He comes across as really approachable and down to earth, it's nice to see that he's very much a gamer at heart.


great sfiv skins (pc)

I'm sure you guys have seen vids of PC skinners reinterpreting SFIV fighters but I take my hat off to these fellas.

This is just awesome.


This is just.. disturbing.

Cyber Akuma

Sagat as Kratos

Dhalsim as Ghandi