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Let's continue!

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2001 is a better film than book, and by a huge margin.

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Drew, if you hold down L1 with a weapon drawn you can run and shoot at the same time. There's also some auto-aim as @berserkingguts said

Also, you don't have to hit the UAVs right in the camera. Three shots to the body will take them out.

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@danryckert Harry Gregson-Williams did very little of the music for MGS2 and MGS3. His music was mostly used in the cutscenes. Norihiko Hibino did all the environmental music and other incidental pieces. He also did all the music for the VR Missions. The same rule goes for MGS3. It was in MGS4 when Gregson-Williams started contributing more of the soundtrack.

It kinda sorta legitimately pains me when people give credit to Gregson-Williams and ignore/don't know about Hibino, given that Hibino's contributions are so incredible, and are better (in my opinion) than Gregson-Williams'.

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I'd be wise to make Metal Gear Scanlon 3 a Very Easy Mode playthrough, not as a shot at Drew it's just that, that game is harder than the other 4.

This is a solid idea.

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This is a HORRIBLE idea. MGS3 is by far the easiest Metal Gear Solid. Stealth is completely optional; you can run through the whole game grab-slamming and gunning people. Anything less than Normal is not fun at all. On Easy (let alone Very Easy), you can beat nearly every section just by sprinting through it, not even attacking or hiding from the guards. Take it from someone who has watched 10-12 first-timer MGS3 LPs: anything less than Normal mode blows.

I actually recommend that anyone who didn't have extreme trouble with MGS1 and MGS2 should play MGS3 on Hard. If you did, however... as in this one... play Normal.

On anything below, like, Hard, Snake Eater is super easy, to the point where all the camouflage stuff is essentially optional. Also, on very easy you get the EZ Gun which virtually breaks the game -- infinite ammo, infinite suppressor tranquilizer gun which raises the camo index to 80% when equipped regardless of what the player is wearing.

I'd agree that normal or up is the only way to go; during the Virtuous Mission Drew should learn the ins-and-outs of the new gameplay just fine.

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Strut F is the hardest room.

For the reporting guard on the top floor: tranquilize him and stash him in the locker in the room on the top floor, bottom right of the map. Guards in lockers don't wake up. They'll come after him, but they won't be able to find him and reporting won't come up again as long as you don't leave the room.

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Dan your thoughts and feelings

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Drew employed the right strategy here but kinda by accident. The way I figure, you're always meant to go to Strut F first to get the M9 -- at least, it makes the game easier having it early on. Whereas, obviously, if you go straight to Strut B, you're encouraged to continue forward from there and it'll be a long time before you have the M9.

Just on some strategy:

  • Because the alert state is so long (as others have noted) and the alert sentries are so heavily armed and armored, the best strategy is typically to hide. Lockers and vents, basically. Vents are best. This will work so long as the player isn't seen entering said lockers and vents. There are a ton of vents in Strut F and across the game in general -- @drewbert, you gots to start looking at the ground more in first-person. Especially if you want to pick up some of the neater items like suppressors. There are no secret rooms that you access with C4 in this one like in MGS1; instead, a lot of the closed off rooms are accessed by vents.
  • I believe it's L2+R2 held simultaneously while in first person to have Raiden stand on his toes. That'll avoid the situation in Strut F where the gun couldn't aim down at the guard over the railing.
  • The Big Shell is symmetrical. Something to keep in mind for navigating around Shell 1.

Loving the series. @danryckert, I'm surprised you haven't burned MGS2 into your memory as with the first -- if that holds for MGS3, that'll make for some interesting sequences, especially with those wide open areas...

@icantbestopped MGS2 may be my favorite; at the very least I like it as much as 1 and 3. For me, it's all to do with the story and the game design (in a more holistic sense). I definitely appreciate people hating Rose, but the way the game is basically a complete recreation of MGS1 (save for the different setting), and that it does a whole bunch of stuff to undermine itself and, in some ways, mock itself, is really interesting to me. It's more meta stuff, but I like that kinda thing.

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Surprised Drew is doing as well as he is! You're like a Metal Gear expert at this point man.

Dan -- you actually can't get a lethal weapon prior to knocking out Olga (unless you're doing crazy action replay voodoo). You get the USP from her. Just in case you're playing through again and you're outraged at being unable to find it or whatever!

Incidentally, if I recall correctly, you run and shoot at the same time in this one by holding L1 with the weapon drawn. Could be wrong on that one. I believe doing the MGS1 square+x method also works though obviously L1 is much easier.

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Another one here chiming in that the pressure sensitive buttons work exactly as they do in the original. Hard press square to draw a pistol, release lightly to cancel.