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"Hello everyone, it's tuuesday" - but no, never again. After all these years. I simply can't wrap my head around that it's true. R.I.P Ryan

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There are no words. RIP Ryan

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@Wastrel said:


I'm glad they decided to pump out mission content so soon after release, but I wonder how it's handled...they don't sound repeatable, but how do they give you one-off missions, especially if you've already beaten the campaign?

Its council missions, you know those missions that pop up from nowhere roughly one time a month given by that council man in the shadows.

For some unknown reason I usually get "Terror in Lille, France". Dunno why the aliens go there all the time. They must like the environment and want to rest their space-dog or something.

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My first thought when reading this was to download that software and create the game "A day at the office" trying to recreate the giant bomb office in pure text. Probably never will happen by who knows..

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No need for them trying to compete about worst title - any competition about "worst" anything will be won by Alex, expert in that field (meant in a good way, I love his reviews of crappy games)

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@TheHT said:

I really enjoy the way Brad writes. Something about it is always so pleasant, even when the subject matter itself may not be.

Just learning about what Unfinished Swan actually is, I'm way excited for it. I can see myself painting every single corner of the space you're put in to discover all there is to see.

Agreed. Patrick might have the scoops, but Brad articles really are just so.. well pleasant for some reason

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Oh man, I am totally sold on this :P

I actually wrote a microprocessor emulator in my spare time while studying.

I havent touched minecraft so far. (Edit: SP)

And MMOs are not for me.. until now if you see this as an MMO or at least MMOish game.

So yay, it seems like there finally will be a game for total geekheads like me :)

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@bonorbitz said:

@Drebin_893 said:

It just proves how stupid and unaware people are on the internet.

...and that's why here in the US more people vote for American Idol contestants than a candidate during a presidential election. Fucking stupid.

In one case they win 5 minutes of fame.

The other case they win several years to destroy the country.

Hmmm, wonder what election to vote in..

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Its been said a lot of times in this thread already, but Brad is popular among us bombers.

When I first started listening to the podcast, my first favourite was Brad. And after a little while Vinnie of course.

In the end I came to respect and like them all for who they are.

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@WiqidBritt: Exactly.

When I was standing listening to space kid and hearing him saying how impossible everything was I simply did not take it as absolute truth.

Anyways; in the end Illusive Man, the assasin and those reapers got what was coming to them and was closure enough on the Mass Effect series for me.

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