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@TDot said:

Like... all he did was ask women in the industry their opinion on the thing... If this was in a news paper people would read it and move on. But it's on a website, a gaming website at that, and suddenly there's close to 2,500 posts of complete irrationality and outrage. Do none of you just stop and think "hmm... maybe... just maybe, I don't need to lose my shit."

So much win on the last statement

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So much hate from some of the comments... Sad...

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I was not aware of that, sorry. Should I take this post down?

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This dude is amazing! Yes, I'm well aware that there are a lot of medleys out there are better. This is one of them, enjoy!

This is my first blog post here on GB. I'm not really genuine blogger or am I trying to be one, just that I'll post every once in a while whenever I feel like sharing something just like the video above. Hope this doesn't offend or off put some people.

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@Canteu said:

Wow, a whole lot of people took

Actually I would have never thought of that if you didn't point that out.

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Wait is that an older model? With PS2 backwards compatibility? If it is then it's good pick.

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This kind of poll/thread is to early to be established. I hope you're not just riling up the fanboyism here. Or are you?

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I got these...

  • The Walking Dead - ($12.49)
  • Analogue A Hate Story - ($2.49)
  • Dear Esther - ($4.99)

And I'm thinking of getting Mark of the Ninja, They Bleed Pixels and Castle Crashers....

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@RobotHamster said:

Just got it the other day, I'm definitely liking the look of it. It just takes a litter longer to get to stuff.

Same here. The interface is nice and sleek and all but the layout seems a bit nested in. Though not as nested as the previous one. Loading takes so much time especially when it loads images on the background for the featured games. Though this only happens when my shitty net connection is congested.

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Mother and Super Metroid. And Ar Tonelico II and III, thoug this games are not as old they really are.

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